Msg from the Commodore on Dogs and Trailer Storage

Dear Members,

First, I want to thank all of you who attended the Annual Member Meeting this past Saturday. We have a few remaining items to address:


As we all know, we have long been a pet/dog friendly club and hope we can remain so. Recently, I have noticed (and a number of members have complained about) pet owners not picking up and cleaning after their pets. I have also received complaints about dogs running off leash around the club under no supervision (which is probably one reason we have the droppings all over the grounds). Please bear in mind some of our members and guests are not dog lovers and prefer to keep their distance, a real challenge when dogs are running off leash.

With that said, please recall that the rules clearly state the following regarding pets:

1.    All pets on DCYC property must be kept on a leash and under their handlers’ direct control at all times while on DCYC property. The pet’s owners are responsible for any and all damages caused by their pet. Furthermore, owners must immediately clean up after their pets while on DCYC property.

2.    Pets are not allowed in the club house.

3.    Pets are not allowed in the pool or pool area.   

I’m asking all members to please comply with these rules. If not, our BOG members will come up with a way to deal with those that continue to disregard our rules.   



We are having issues with members bringing in boats and or trailers without going through proper channels. The dry storage area and the bone yard are under the supervision of the Rear Commodore and assisted by David Patterson.

Before you bring a boat or trailer on the property, be it in a wet slip or dry storage, please bear in mind:

1.     You must complete the boat trailer registration form located in the member section and send to the Rear Commodore.

2.     Your boat and/or trailer must have insurance.

3.     You must not have a lock on your trailer.

4.     You must keep your boat and or trailer in good repair (no flats, no torn boat covers).

5.     You must put your name and contact info on the trailer tongue.

Your cooperation in complying with these policies is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, my door is open to you, as always.

Phyllis and I wish for all of you a safe and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thank you,

James Hankins – Commodore 2017


From the Commodore

Wow, October is almost over. Personally, I’m done with the summer temperatures. Who would have thought we would still have 99 degree days in September/October? I’m ready for the cooler temps.

What’s been going on at our club?

I do hope you had the opportunity to attend some of the September/October social activities and events. We had a great pot luck /raft up on Labor Day weekend that was well attended. Michele and Darrin Ditmer hosted a great Disco party that was fun for all and I was sore for three days after all that dancing. Then we had the picnic on the lake hosted by John Horwedel that I understand had some great food and all had a good time. We ended September with a great Italian dinner hosted by Dagny Boaz that was wonderful and the Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta which had great participation of over 70 youth sailors thanks to the efforts of Michele Ditmer and her team of volunteers.

October has been a great month with our annual Terlingua-In-Exile Regatta, the Chili-Chili Cook Off, and the famous Al Schlitz Beer Can Regatta,  all of which had a great turn out thanks to the efforts of Peter, Heather, Justin, and Suzanne, plus the many volunteers. These social events along with all the scheduled sailing events and races are what make DCYC a great place. Remember: “The overall enjoyment and fun that happens at DCYC occurs when you become involved, meet new people and contribute to the ownership and camaraderie of our club. DCYC is a MEMBER OWNED, ALL VOLUNTEER OPERATED club.  It takes each and every one of us contributing in some way to keep the yacht club fun, inviting, and fully operational.”

The ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING is scheduled for November 4th. This year, it will start at 11 am and we are adding a little pot luck flair to it after the meeting. Please place it on your calendar so you will not miss this important meeting. At this is the meeting, we give a short recap of 2017 and the financial position of the club. Additionally, you will have a chance to approve three new members of the Board of Governors that will help make the important club decisions for the next three years. We also discuss and approve the 2018 budget and any suggested capital improvements. A quorum of at least 25% of the members must be present. There is also a Dock Meeting for those of you who own a dock. Please participate—sign up on the web site so we know you’re coming. Are you interested in finding out how the club operates and participating in helping to improve our club? Then toss your name in the hat as a candidate for a seat on the Board of Governors and help make DCYC the best it can be. We encourage anyone interested in joining the leadership team to contact David Paterson at 972-816- 6665.

What Else has been going on?

Your Board of Governors, flag officers, the Dock Committee and Long Range Planning Committee have all been working hard prepping for the annual meeting. Did you notice the basketball court is free of floats and cleaned up? Thank you Tim Johnson and his team of DCYC volunteer helpers in making this happen and thanks to Randall Massey for the donation of new basketballs and rack. Repairs have been made to the electrical system providing power to the pool, pump house and more thanks to Chance Beck and David Meek. In addition, a new mast pole has been installed near the crane pad thanks to Tim Johnson and David Meek.

What’s about to Happen?

October 21-22:  Hobie Cat RegattaCome on down to welcome our visitors and watch these Hobies fly across the water.

October 28: Halloween Party!  A great time for everyone to get dressed up for the best Halloween costume party ever, so call the sitter, put the kids to bed. It’s time for the Grown-Ups to raise the Dead! Witches Brew will be flowing or bring your own Poison. It’s a pot luck. Click here to register

November 4: Annual Member Meeting at 11 am. Includes dock meeting and followed up by a pot luck upstairs. Come find out what has happened, what’s going to happen in 2018, and vote on your new Board of Governor members. Click here to register.

December 9: Commodore/Christmas Dinner. Come join us for a great evening of dining and a salute to those that have served the club this year. Click here to register.

What needs to happen:

Have you signed up on yet? Last time I checked, there were only about 35 members not yet signed up. For those that have, thank you. For those that have not, please sign up. affords us better internal controls. When we can avoid cash or check transactions, the money is directly deposited, and that means we decrease our chances for errors. The system is FDIC insured, so it’s as safe as can be. You can either opt to manually pay each month or auto pay. Personally, I opted for auto pay. The system even sends me a notice before they debit my account. It’s so simple and I never risk having a late charge because I forgot or paid the same old amount. Please help me help your club: sign up for today.  Go to:
If you have any issues and/or questions, please contact the DCYC Treasurer, Jeff
Ellefson, CPA at 972-447-9912 or

 I want DCYC to be the best place it can be and hope each of you want the same.
Please know my door is always open. If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints concerning your club, please get in touch with me.

 If you want to get more involved with special projects, or have a company or the resources to help DCYC in any way, please get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

We can’t adjust the wind, but we can adjust the sails!

James Hankins

214-549- 1122

Opening Day Honoring Past Commodores

If you missed the opening day at DCYC, you missed a real treat .  Though the rain never came, the wind did prevent any water activities. Nevertheless, we made the best of it. Chance Beck did a great job coordinating the event as he has done for several years. With over 40 members and guests in attendance, the club and season was blessed by Pastor  Donna Sutton Oaks of Oak Grove Methodist Church.  Drake Ditmer and Ryan Dickey (future commodores?) did a great job raising our flags as each officer was announced followed by shotgun blast performed by Darrin Ditmer. I was delighted to have  twelve past commodores join us, including Forrest Garb (1970), Jack Coke (1978) & Dick Leavitt (1979) whom we don’t see much. All past commodores were presented a piece of the old docks destroyed  by Tropical Storm Bill on June 18th 2015. Each also gave a brief memory of their time as commodore, which was a joy to hear. We heard stories of the harbor being dry with keels stuck in the mud, old wooden docks covered with snakes, a Volkswagen floating in the harbor and the merger of the club with members from Pier 121.   A few  commodore facts  were also shared as well.

The morning ceremony was topped off with a toast of champagne, then followed by a wonderful lunch and social time .

Throughout the day, we were delighted to see some of our recent newest members join in. We also had one new member sign up that very day and is going through the BOG approval process as I write this. In addition, a few other guests showed up and toured our facilities. The evening ended with a great burger burn and social time coordinated by Pam Hancock with help of grill masters Jim Hancock and Chris Hoskins  upstairs in our newly refurbished clubhouse. We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, even staying until past 9 PM, reminiscing  about the day’s events.

I want to personally thank all of those that helped in any way and for all those that supported the club with their attendance.

Let’s look forward to a great rest of the year .

James Hankins – Commodore 2017


These images are lower-resolution so that they load quickly. If you would like a free high resolution copy of one of these images, contact Marie.



Sincere thanks to Phyllis Hankins for being willing to share the images she took at Opening Day!!

Courtesy of Phyllis Hankins

The dinner crowd. Photo courtesy of James Hankins

Message from the Commodore

IMG_6579Don’t look now but if you haven’t noticed, its already March 2017. 

Say good bye and farewell to ups and downs of the lake level and the wild roller coaster ride we all took in 2016.   Even though the last two years were a challenge thanks to mother nature’s curve balls, I must say I’ve really enjoyed serving as Rear and Vice the past two years. The club has been responsible for me and Phyllis making so many friends and changed our life style from city living where you hardly see or know your neighbors to lakeside country living with a yacht club playground and so many fun friends and events we are never without something to do. After enjoying the DCYC sailing opportunities and social events since 1996 I made the decision to do my share and give back to the club. This adventure started with the Board of Governors six years ago.  In doing so I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to keep DCYC functioning on a day to day basis from those before me. Serving the club has its moments good and bad, buts its opened my eyes, and allowed me to meet so many of you. I’ve made a lot of friends along the way and possibly a few enemies enforcing a rule or two but it’s all good. If your active in the club you will eventually be given a nick name. Yes, as rear commodore I was the Derelict Nazi. Last year as Vice I was the “Energized Bunny”, the “Work Party Nazi” and also known as “Marks Boss”.  I heard a few others but can’t put those in print.  Can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Just in case you forgot where we were in 2016 take a look at this!

Yes, the water level was about 532 and we were using Tim Johnsons motor less ferry to pull ourselves back and forth to the docks, we had dock debris everywhere and boats scattered about anyplace we could. LOOK at us now one-year latter. We have been blessed with average rain fall, our new docks are the best on the lake, pot holes are gone, grounds are great and the club looks better than ever. How did this happen? A great core of dedicated energetic members like you and the leadership. I say a big high five and Thank You to Dick Peters and Chris Osborn for passing the baton while leaving the club in great physical and financial position considering the expenses and loan process related to the new docks & recovery efforts. GREAT JOB !!

As your incoming Commodore, I appreciate the trust you have placed in me and I’ll do my best to keep Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club the best it can be.  I want to thank all the 2017 existing officers, board members, committee heads, event chairs that have stepped forward and accepted positions this year.  This is a very qualified group of people and talent and look forward to working with each and every one of them.  The list is posted on our web site so be sure to thank them the first chance you get.  A few I must mention is Tonja Holmes – Moon is back as the Hailer Editor. She hopes to be up and running in April.  Pam Hancock is Entertainment Chair and promises to bring back some of the old traditional activities & events so popular in years past.  Take a look at the event calendars as its quickly taking shape. These social events are always a great time and the more the merrier plus a great way to meet others in the club.  Leslie Maynard is back at House Chair, taking care of one of our biggest assets and it’s a big responsibility so when you’re enjoying the club house, you should be thanking Leslie. A new chair position this year is Motor Boat Squadron; John Horwedel will be coordinating some events focused on gathering our motor boaters for raft ups & other water events throughout the year. Heather is back as fleet captain who did a fantastic job last year so look out this year. Also a special thank you to Charlie & Janell Hoffman who are chairing the Annual Regatta. Also, I’m so thankful that Mark Blanchard our one and only caretaker is still with us after the last two years. He does a great job taking care of our property and in some cases our members.  Remember the success and fun at the club does not happen without you. I’m hopeful our events will be well attended. A lot of time and effort goes into planning and preparing and your participation is a great way to show your appreciation.  We need everyone to take a position on a committee.  Do your part by reaching out to a committee chair, as they all are looking for volunteers with new ideas & talents. Their names are listed on the Officers’ page. It’s easy, call them and let them know your willingness to help. Or contact me 214-549-1122 and I’ll get you connected  

Our annual meeting was well attended on November. For those who missed it, I’ll share a short summary of the four Capital Improvements projects the members approved.

1.  Replacement of Residence Septic system $12,000

The system is beyond repair & must be replaced.  Bids have been received and will be reviewed with anticipated completion in April.

2.  Repair & Replace 2nd Floor sub floor, as needed, re-carpet & refurbish Upstairs Restrooms – $35,000.

This project has already started as carpet has been removed & job scope identified. Bids are currently being solicited.

3.  Floating Breakwater – $15,000

The existing breakwater will be salvaged and repositioned to the East.  A new breakwater system will be installed to provide better protection to the harbor.

4.  Lower level Blinds – $2,500.   Look for new blinds or shades mid-year.

If you want more information on the annual meeting, the minutes are posted on the web site in the members only section

My theme this year is “We can’t control the wind, but We can adjust the sails “A south wind has blown population North surrounding us with opportunity.  With membership at its lowest in many years at 137 we anticipate and I’m hopeful membership will grow rapidly in the next 2-4 years. Dan the statistician has determined most members join because of someone here at the club. So you the member need to put your marketing hat on and make sure they know we are here. Don’t miss an opportunity to share our story with your friends, workmates, clients, school events or other. Once they step foot on the grounds and see our great facility they will join. This is also a great opportunity to rebuild our youth program (the future of DCYC) as new families move to the area.

I must also mention a Northern is blowing in. Carol Roberts our Club CPA, who handles all our accounting needs and office administration for the last 11 years has a desire to transition out of that position to spend more time with family & travel.  I had no idea until recently how much Carol does for the club, handling reimbursable requests, dock sales, member club charges, phone calls, a large volume of Emails, all in addition to accounting responsibilities. Finding someone to fill her shoes will be darn near impossible without additional cost to the club.   This transition period will be a challenge for all of us and new procedures must be set up to streamline and simplify some of our methods of which we do things now so we can keep cost down. Our new incoming Treasurer, Jeff Ellefson is working closely with Carol now looking forward to his suggestions and recommendations to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

If I haven’t bored you into a sleep by now, Ill share a few more things. If you have a suggestion, a new idea or complaint about anything related to the club, I want to hear from you, not through third parties and not on social media. There are several ways you can be heard. Call or contact any Flag officer or BOG member.  Contact me at  214-549-1122 . You can come to any BOG meeting. Just for this reason I have placed a spot on the top of the agenda as follows:

This agenda item provides an opportunity for the public or a DCYC member to address the BOG on any matter that is not posted on the agenda.  The BOG  will also  hear comments on specific agenda items that are listed  prior to the BOG addressing those items. There is a three minute time limit for each person wishing to speak .The BOG  is not required  to take action or engage in any discussion on presentation or inquiries concerning an item not listed on the agenda.  However,  a representative of the BOG  or a Flag officer may respond with either a statement or specific factural information in response to the inquiry. Once this session is closed there shall be no further input from the public or members not on the BOG or Chairperson unless called upon by the flag officer in charge.

In closing (finally) I’ll share what so many before me have shared

“The overall enjoyment and fun that happens at DCYC occurs when you become involved, meeting new people and contributing to the ownership and camaraderie of our club.  DCYC is a MEMBER OWNED ALL VOLUNTEER OPERATED club.  It takes each and every one of us contributing in some way (beyond monthly dues payments) to keep the yacht club fun, inviting, and fully operational.

We can’t adjust the wind, but we can adjust the sails!!

James Hankins


Per the Commodore: Dock Construction & Status of the Bank Loan

Dock Status Update 1/2/2016

And so it begins!

The replacement of our docks is set to begin Monday, Jan 4 2016 with the initial delivery of the components of docks 1, 2, and 3. The assembly will follow immediately. You would think that the high water would be a barrier. However, this is preferred by the contractor MDI. Construction on the 1st three docks is expected to be completed by the end of January, weather permitting.

We will be making the second payment to MDI with the delivery of the docks. The payment primarily will come from the funds paid by the Insurance Company for the loss, and the balance from an allocation from the bank loan which is in the final stages of completion. The finalization of the Bank Loan was delayed by a couple 11th hour requirements the Bank asked for. We met with the Bank yesterday, Jan. 1 and expect to resolve the additional requirements by the Jan.11, 2016.

It’s going to be good to be able to see the beginning of the end of this phase of the project.

Commodore Peters


FROM THE COMMODORE: Dock Reconstruction Progress and Annual General Meeting

Next week marks the membership Annual General Meeting. It is important that all members come to this meeting to approve the 2016 budgets, elect new Board of Governors members and meet the elected 2016 Flag Officers. It is essential to have a quorum, so please mark your calendars now!

In the meantime, I wanted to give everyone a few updates about the projects we are currently working on before the membership Annual General Meeting.

We are making tremendous progress on the Dock Reconstruction project. The bank loan is in the final stages of closing and we entered into a major purchase agreement for construction of the new docks using our insurance proceeds as an initial payment. If all goes as planned, Docks 1-3 will be installed by mid January, followed by Docks 4 and 5 in May. The team is also working out a transition plan to migrate boats back into their new slips as quickly as possible.

Next week marks the membership Annual General Meeting. It is important that all members come to this meeting to approve the 2016 budgets, elect new Board of Governors members and meet the elected 2016 Flag Officers. It is essential to have a quorum, so please mark your calendars now!

The Board has recommended a 2016 budget that reflects the principles of the financial plan presented at the earlier Special meeting. In addition to meeting our new debt obligations, the financial plan included sufficient flexibility to support ongoing capital projects needed to maintain our club. Therefore a number of projects have been proposed to address some urgent maintenance issues that affect the safety and security of our membership. The proposed CIF Safety & Security project bundle is projected to cost $18,000 and includes the following items:

  • Repair unsafe electrical and wiring issues in the workshop building – $3,000
  • Replace the unsafe and obsolete gas oven in the kitchen – $5,000
  • Replace >10 year old upper level carpet, which is creating tripping hazards – $4,000
  • Replace broken lower level blinds to reduce furniture sun bleaching – $1,000
  • Replace the broken pool lounge chairs, which are causing personal injury – $4,000
  • Install front gate battery backup to enable entry/exit during power failures – $1,000

Additionally, we have observed that our Juniors safety equipment is well below the standard found at other area yacht club junior programs, which puts our juniors at greater risk of personal injury. Therefore it is proposed to purchase a new Juniors Safety Tender boat to support junior instruction and regatta activities. The projected cost of $16,000 will come from existing Juniors Activity Funds, which are booked separately from the other DCYC funds.

Finally, we have also proposed an optional CIF project to replace the remaining pool furniture to match the new loungers, which must be replaced for safety reasons as noted above. This $8,000 project is not related to Safety & Security, but significantly improves the appearance and utility of the pool area, therefore it is presented as an option for the membership to decide if it should be funded.The board has tried to balance our spending as we discussed at the special meeting. We are proposing capital expenditures of 42k this year vs over 120k last year.

2016 is also the 60th anniversary of DCYC! A number of activities are planned to celebrate both the arrive of the new docks and our 60th year, including a subsidized social event to mark this important anniversary. Be sure to come out and be a part of these exciting events!

We look forward to your attendance at this year’s membership Annual General Meeting to learn more about DCYC plans for 2016 and to participate in voting. Be sure to mark you calendar now: November 14 at 10AM. See you there!!!


  • I want to thank all the members that were at the September 19th meeting. We had about 130 people come and listen to the presentations.
  • I want to thank the guys on the dock committee once again. You guys did a fabulous job.
  • I also want to thank Chris Osbourne, nice job on the number part of the meeting.
  • Most important, I would like to thank the members. I appreciate your attention and willingness to support a major rebuilding project. This will set us apart and add a first class marina with the current  amenities that we all enjoy.
The dock committee has agreed to a contract with MDI out of Oklahoma.

They were able to shave off about 60K from the price we were quoted. All the materials and layout remained the same. We are just wrapping up the legal side of the contract. As for the timeline, they will start building the docks in their shop in Oklahoma. We should expect docks 1-3 to be installed by mid January. Docks 4 and 5 will be installed by the end of April..  The delay in 1-3 vs 4 and 5 will give us time to dispose of the old 4 and 5.

We have progress….  Not quite as fast as we would like, but still progress….

Remember we will have our Terlingua Regatta October 16, 17, 18. Please make plans on attending. It is always great fun.

We are getting there, just everyone hang in a little longer.


DCYC logo 2012_Low Res

I want to remind everyone of a very important General Meeting next Saturday, September 19, 2015.  We are calling on all members to attend. In this general session will be voting on a project that has the potential to make our club sustainable for many decades of to come. I want to give all of you a some specific information as to some of the issues we will be discussing on Saturday.

Yesterday, the BOG unanimously approved the dock committee’s plan to rebuild docks 1-5.   In addition to this, the BOG unanimously recommended the committee continue to negotiate the best price possible with the two vendors they have selected. It is the feeling of the BOG, as well as the dock committee, that we do not have a viable option other than replacing 1-5. At the meeting next weekend, we will share the scope of the entire project with the membership, as well as answer any questions. We will be asking you to vote on the financing package with includes a small increase in CIF and dock maintenance.

The Board unanimously recommended that everyone share in the cost of the rebuild. It is important to note that the plan approved by the BOG does not include any up-front fees accessed. In the next day or two, we will be adding an event registration for the meeting as well as lunch on Saturday. Lunch is free to members. Please sign up early in as we need a idea of how many people are planning to join us.

In an effort to further clarify the issues regarding the Dock Committee’s plan to rebuild our harbor, we will be holding a brief question-and-answer session in the upstairs dining room at DCYC this coming Tuesday, September 15, from 6:30 to 8 pm. Also note the question-and-answer forum on for answers to frequently asked questions regarding this project.

Best Regards,

Leland Morris

DCYC Commodore

PS: Note that it’s critical that people register in advance so we know how much food to order. Please register today!!

Click here to register


The notices for the general meeting on the 19th are going out the first of the week.

I want to thank the dock committee for the  countless hours they have devoted to this project.  I think you will find we have several decisions that will be simple and a couple that will be a little more difficult. I will have a couple of nights that I will be at the club to answer any questions you may have before the meeting. I will also ask any Board members that want to attend they are more than welcome. We will post those dates shortly.

All I ask is that you keep a open mind, be willing to listen and maybe think a little out of the box….



Just a quick update.

The dock committee has one bid still out. They are hoping to get that back anytime. We also still have bids out for all the electric work. Once we get those then we can start the process of working the contractors down on the price.

We will have the general membership meeting as soon as we can. This is a very important time in DCYC history. I want to make sure we fully review everything and be assured that you are being presented with the best options.

Sorry it  is taking longer than we like, sometimes you can only push so hard. Continue to hang in a little longer.

— Leland


I have been asked many questions over the past couple of weeks. I will fill everyone in. Maybe it will answer some of the same concerns  you have.

I will be general when talking about the construction of the docks. I will defer to Tim Johnson; he and the dock committee know much more about that than I do.

First of all, things are becoming clearer by the day. We should be able to have a board mtg next week to formalize a plan to bring to membership.

Questions I have been asked:

  1. Why don’t we just take the insurance money and replace 1-3 repairing 4 and 5?

First, we got the maximum amount our policy provides for the docks, 502,237.00. The cost to rebuild 1-3 is over 650k.This does not include electric or water. This will run at least another 25k. In the opinion of the docks guys 4 and 5 are not repairable.

2.   Are my dues going up?

Again, the BOG has not approved any increase. I would think a modest $15.00-20.00 per month increase will be proposed.

3.   Did we have insurance for things other than the dock?

Yes, we had insurance on all the boats, crane and 100K in debris removal. As I have posted in the past, we have been paid back for crane rental, bolts, line, chain, dumpsters, labor (including volunteer hours) and misc. other expenses. We still have around 60K that we will collect on this part of the policy.

4.   Will I have the same slip as before?

Let me address a few dock items. As I said the more technical parts I will leave to Tim.

  • Overall the docks will be the same. We have allotted for a few extra slips that the club will own. We have talked about renting those out. With the new layout it will bring us to the maximum number of slips allowed by the Corps.
  • Should we sign a contract mid-September, it will be about 8-10 weeks before we have docks.
  • As for the anchoring, warranty, material and general harbor questions, Tim will address those.
  • One other thing I will add: Patterson, Beck, Kraft, Meek and Johnson have spent hours discussing, drawing, thinking and questioning each other. I have been at the meetings. They have tried to think of every possible situation. They have bounced hundreds of ideas around. We are in very good hands.

Going forward, we have a big decision to make: Replace all 5 docks? We can certainly do that. We have been approved by the bank. We can get the money and spread it out without impacting the membership dues hardly at all. We can somehow borrow enough money to replace 1-3 and somehow fix and band-aid 4 and 5. Regardless of what we do, borrowing some money will be necessary. The good news is that we will have a vote and the membership will decide.

Remember we are shooting for 9-12 general membership mtg….


Here is how we stand as of today…  As most of you know we have settled  with the insurance company. They have agreed to pay the maximum amount of our policy. We hired a clean up crew to dispose of the steel part of the old docks that were on the shore. We still have a ton to remove and dispose of, but things are improving.

  • We now have access to Docks 4, 5 and 6 from the shore.
  • The jib crane is being serviced next.

I will keep you updated on the progress.

As for the dock rebuild:  The dock committee has narrowed down the process to two companies. We have sent in detailed plan  with a similar layout to what we had. The condition of Docks 4 and 5 has made us have to get prices to replace those also. We want to make sure that we cover all the bases.
Please keep 9-12-15 open for a special membership meeting. We are shooting for that date to present the plan the board has approved.
In the meantime, we are setting up a forum on the web page to ask the dock committee questions in advance. Tim Johnson has agreed to monitor that section and address questions and comments from you. The dock committee has thought of hundreds of problems and concerns over this process. I continue to think we are in great hands with these guys.
As you know, you may contact me anytime to voice your concerns…
Leland Morris


Just wanted everyone to know… We are still waiting on the insurance company.  We are starting to dial it up a bit with them.  Still do not think we have any issues. We just need to get it done. Dock committee is still in the  final stages of nailing down the rebuild project. Hope to have more details in a day or so. I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop….



Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop…

We are still waiting on the final word from the insurance company.  It has been sent to an engineer the insurance company has hired. We are thinking we will hear anytime. 

The dock committee has narrowed the choice down to two companies.  The final plans have been submitted, and we are trying to have a meeting with each company the first of next week.

We are hopeful that we can present the plan to the board on the 22nd. I am still hopeful we can have a membership meeting on the 29th.

I just want everybody to know, they are not waiting on us. If you have been by the club in past few days, you will have noticed that we started taking the docks apart that were pulled up on shore. We have filled one 30 yard dumpster and another is on the way.  We should get the trash picked up by this weekend.

Just hang in there… 



I just wanted to update everyone on the latest information we have…

  1. We have sent copies of the bids we have to replace the docks to the insurance company.  I would think we should hear from them the end of the week or first of next week. We did receive our check for the amount we previously submitted. Again as I have said before, we do not expect any issues with the insurance company. However, until it is done it’s not…
  2. The dock committee had a meeting  Monday. They have come up with a list of questions for each company that has sent us a proposal. They are in the process of getting those questions answered. They are taking great care in the process. They want to make sure that when they recommend a solution it is the best one possible.
  3. We have ordered a engineer report on the soil in the harbor. Again we want to make sure the anchoring system chosen will work best with the soil conditions. 
  4. If you have not  been to the club in a couple of weeks, you may not know that some of the old docks are now on land by the dry storage.We had someone starting to remove the debris. The person we had decided it was a little to much for him. We are looking for someone to replace him. We will get the old stuff out as quick as we can. 

I want everyone to know that we have plan.It is not moving as quickly as we would like. Most things do not. 

Our time line is this: We are thinking that the dock committee will have a recommendation to the board by the 22nd. We will know more in the next week or so. If that does occur, we would have the membership meeting on the 29th of this month. 

Appreciate everyone being patient. Please keep going to the web for updates. This is all subject to change depending us getting the information.



Just wanted to update everyone on how the process is going. 

We are still waiting on a couple of dock company proposals. They promise they will have them to us shortly. Try not to get frustrated. The dock committee is on this, they will have recommendations to the board and we then will have a membership meeting. I am still thinking the weekend of the August 22  for the membership meeting.

Some good news, on the insurance front. We are still in the final stages of resolving the settlement amount for the docks. They have paid us for the money spent in our clean up efforts. They also paid us for hours members spent working at the club. Thanks to everyone for your time. Hang in there. 

Feel free to call me or email me with comments or questions. 




Just wanted to update everyone on the dock rebuild…  

We have 2 proposals and expect a 3rd maybe today. The dock committee has a meeting set up to discuss the proposals and our options. It is moving a little slower than we thought, but not too bad. We have been in contact with our insurance company this week. After the dock committee reviews the dock proposals, we will send our summary to the insurance company. Hopefully we will have the insurance sign off by next week on the amount we will be provided to start the rebuild. Just wanted everyone to know we have a lot of moving parts. Things are progressing, even though you may not see it. 

I am  not quite to the point to set up a membership meeting yet. I would expect it to be somewhere around the middle of August. We will give as much notice as we can. We just need  to have all the info to present. Things are becoming a little clearer day by day.   

Remember, if you have anything for me, you can email or call me.  




I just wanted to everyone aware of club status as of this weekend. 

We have received one of our proposals. We are expecting a couple of more this week. This will give the dock committee enough information to start reviewing. 

I have added two people to the dock committee:

David Meek and Tim Kraft have agreed to lend their knowledge. In these guys we have former Commodore, Harbor Master and Fleet Captain.They will be working along with David Patterson, Chance Beck and Tim Johnson. If all goes according to plan, we will have a special membership meeting in the near future to discuss new dock plans and get your vote. 

The  picture should be much clearer in the next 10-14 days, hang in there……

Very Important: from this point forward the minutes from the BOG meeting will be posted on the web under the“Members Only” link.  It will allow you to review all the up to date information and decisions made by the board. Thank you all for you hard work and tolerance during our dock rebuild.



Great news for DCYC regarding our Corps of Engineers lease:

Just thought everyone could use a little good news… The lease renewal is up this month.  It runs us about 8k per year to lease the property. The good news is the CoE has come back with a 10 year lease for the same money as we are paying now… Maybe they felt sorry for us. Anyway very good news….

And even more good news:

Lake Lewisville has finally receded to 531.71 feet, 3.48 inches below the flood pool. We are now back in the high end of our conservation pool range.