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I want to remind everyone of a very important General Meeting next Saturday, September 19, 2015.  We are calling on all members to attend. In this general session will be voting on a project that has the potential to make our club sustainable for many decades of to come. I want to give all of you a some specific information as to some of the issues we will be discussing on Saturday.

Yesterday, the BOG unanimously approved the dock committee’s plan to rebuild docks 1-5.   In addition to this, the BOG unanimously recommended the committee continue to negotiate the best price possible with the two vendors they have selected. It is the feeling of the BOG, as well as the dock committee, that we do not have a viable option other than replacing 1-5. At the meeting next weekend, we will share the scope of the entire project with the membership, as well as answer any questions. We will be asking you to vote on the financing package with includes a small increase in CIF and dock maintenance.

The Board unanimously recommended that everyone share in the cost of the rebuild. It is important to note that the plan approved by the BOG does not include any up-front fees accessed. In the next day or two, we will be adding an event registration for the meeting as well as lunch on Saturday. Lunch is free to members. Please sign up early in as we need a idea of how many people are planning to join us.

In an effort to further clarify the issues regarding the Dock Committee’s plan to rebuild our harbor, we will be holding a brief question-and-answer session in the upstairs dining room at DCYC this coming Tuesday, September 15, from 6:30 to 8 pm. Also note the question-and-answer forum on DCYC.org for answers to frequently asked questions regarding this project.

Best Regards,

Leland Morris

DCYC Commodore

PS: Note that it’s critical that people register in advance so we know how much food to order. Please register today!!

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