The ferry will be open the following hours to take members to their boats or docks. 

Please call Lisa Wilder if you have any questions. (314) 825-0825

If possible we  would like have longer hours this holiday weekend.  Below are dates and times we could use ferry volunteers
Sunday, July 5:   9-noon, 5-8 PM

Thanks to the folks who quickly stepped up to volunteer.  Below are the days and hours I have volunteers/staff running people to their boats/docks

Tuesday, June 30:      5—8 PM

Wednesday, July 1:    5—8 PM

Thursday, July 2:       5—8 PM

Friday, July 3:           9 AM — 8 PM

Saturday, July 4:     9:30 AM — 8 PM

Sunday, July 5:       12—5 PM

Monday, July 6:         5—8 PM

Use the radio near the outdoor kitchen to call the ferry captain on duty (channel 69).



AS OF 4 PM, JUNE 30:

Water levels dropped 3.6 inches between June 25-26, but then steady rose 3.48 inches between June 26-29. Since midday on the 29th, water has dropped 1.56 inches.

Lake Level: 534.33′

Feet above Conservation Pool: 12.33′

Feet over Flood Pool: 2.33′

Corps is releasing 6,506 cubic feet per second


AS OF 3 PM, JUNE 26:

The ferry will be open the following hours to take members to their boats or docks. 

Please call Lisa Wilder if you have any questions. (314) 825-0825


Friday, June 26: 9-6:30

Saturday, June 27: 9-6:30

Sunday, June 28: 12-5 PM

Monday, June 29: 5-8 PM

Tuesday, June 30: 5-8 PM 

Wednesday, July 1:  5-8 PM

Thursday, July 2: 5-8 PM

Friday, July 3: 3-7 PM

Saturday, July 4: 12-5

Sunday, July 5:No coverage

Contact Lisa Wilder if you are available to cover an earlier shift.

Monday, July 6:3-7 PM


AS OF 7:45 PM, JUNE 25:

At noon on the 17th, lake levels had dropped to 533.60. As a result of Tropical Depression Bill, lake levels rose 13.92 inches to max out at 534.76 between 6 AM and 3 PM on June 22. Since that time, levels have again dropped 6.36 inches.

Lake Level: 534.23′

Feet above Conservation Pool: 12.23′

Feet over Flood Pool: 2.23′

Corps is releasing 5,893 cubic feet per second

 harbor june 25 (1)


I just wanted to update all members  on a few issues.

We have had mtgs with our insurance company. The good news is that we are covered for our damage. It does look like we will reach the maximum on our policy.We are very hopeful that  prices to replace the docks are within that range.Mtg have begun with several dock building companies.  We are hoping to have proposals  no later than 7-31. I think we can have them sooner than the end of July.,but that is worse case… Tim Johnson, still needs help whenever you can. The boats are secure and clean up continues, so we need some help. Lisa Wilder is helping out by keeping up with where boats have been moved. I appreciate all her hard work.

The amount of people that have turned out to help around the club has been outstanding…  Come on out ..  Things will be getting back to normal soon…



To the DCYC Membership:

As you know, our club now faces a difficult recovery, but a manageable recovery. You should be aware that your leadership team and several dedicated members are doing everything possible to address the harbor issues we now face. Here’s where we currently stand:

1.         Our insurance adjuster is flying in from California this weekend to assess the damages.

2.         With the help of Randall Massey and Chance Beck, we have hired a dive team to reinforce our break water. 

3.         With Tim Johnson’s direction and with help from numerous members, work is underway to reinforce Docks 3 and 4.

4.         Dagny Boaz and Lisa Wilder are reaching out to dock owners on Docks 1, 2 and 3 to offer options on dealing with the misplaced boats. 

5.         Keep in mind the Board and many other members are meeting daily to actively address issues as they arise.

6.         We have started investigating companies to rebuild the docks.

Most importantly, we need to work together and weather the storm.The process is going to be long, but the wheels are turning on all fronts.

Thank you for your patience. Commodore Leland Morris & the Board of Governors



“As of Thursday morning June 18, the DCYC harbor has sustained major damage from tropical storm Bill. Docks 1, 2, & 3 have broken free and blown across the harbor to the southeast shore of our harbor. Many of the boats on these docks have sustained significant damage and a few have sunk. Likewise, many boats on dock 4 have also sustained damage and some are taking on water. Volunteers from the club have made every effort to secure the boats in the most immediate danger. All members with boats in slips on docks 4-6 should make time as soon as possible to inspect their boats and take measures to secure them further. At this time access to any of the remaining docks is limited. Members should coordinate with the Harbor Master before going out to the docks.Please plan on bringing new dock lines with you and please use the buddy system when at the docks.

The Board of Governors will be meeting soon to discuss our options and develop and game plan to begin the recovery process.  More information will follow soon.”

 docks 1 2 3


Quick update from the lake. Surf is up! We’re in the back side of tropical storm Bill and the winds have kicked up to 30- 35 mph with higher gusts. We didn’t get alot of heavy rains and the lake doesn’t seem to have come up much, but more rain is forecasted and as you know lake levels continue to rise for hours after the rain stops. Docks and boats seem to be handling the storm with no apparent damage. Once the storm passes I encourage all boat owners check the status of there dock lines and boats. I will update you all of any changes that occur. I hope this helps. Aloha from the end of the road…

Mark Blanchard

 surf 2

surf 1

AS OF 11:45 PM, JUNE 16:

Lake levels continued to drop another .6 inches this afternoon and evening, in spite of the rain. Altogether, water levels have dropped 2.4 inches in the last 24 hours. 

Lake Level: 533.65′

Feet above Conservation Pool: 11.65′

Feet over Flood Pool: 1.65′

Corps is releasing 5,916 cubic feet per second



At the current 534.5′ Lewisville Lake Level, there is 49.5′ clearance.

How did we calculate this?  First, we took a look at the NTTA Engineering report, to get the official 52′ clearance above the spillway level, which is at 522′.  Then, we subtracted the height of the water above the spillway, 2.5′ (534.5-532).

From NTTA Engineering Report: ” The superstructure consists of 68 spans, each 120 feet in length, and a water craft passage span 360 feet in length. The water craft passage span provides a vertical clearance of 52 feet above the uncontrolled spillway elevation and a 350-foot horizontal clearance between span supports


AS OF 11 PM, JUNE 7:

The release of water from Lake Lewisville slowed considerably since June 1st; lake levels have dropped 4.08 inches since noon on Friday, June 5th.

Lake Level:535.27′

Feet above Conservation Pool: 13.27′

Feet over Flood Pool: 3.27′

Corps is releasing 10,805 cubic feet per second