“As of Thursday morning June 18, the DCYC harbor has sustained major damage from tropical storm Bill. Docks 1, 2, & 3 have broken free and blown across the harbor to the southeast shore of our harbor. Many of the boats on these docks have sustained significant damage and a few have sunk. Likewise, many boats on dock 4 have also sustained damage and some are taking on water. Volunteers from the club have made every effort to secure the boats in the most immediate danger. All members with boats in slips on docks 4-6 should make time as soon as possible to inspect their boats and take measures to secure them further. At this time access to any of the remaining docks is limited. Members should coordinate with the Harbor Master before going out to the docks.Please plan on bringing new dock lines with you and please use the buddy system when at the docks.

The Board of Governors will be meeting soon to discuss our options and develop and game plan to begin the recovery process.  More information will follow soon.”

 docks 1 2 3


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