Lucija’s “By Invitation Only” Weekend with Sailing Legends

Lucija Ruzevic attended an invitation-only event at the Corinthian Sailing Club at White Rock this weekend. The seven kids who won their fleets in TSA had the opportunity to spend their weekend sailing and competing with sailing greats (Bill Draheim, Kelson Elam, Paul Foerster, Kelly Gough, Doug Kern, Rob Johnston, Scott Young) at the Bob Gough TSA Race of Champions. Watch for more details on this amazing weekend in the upcoming Hailer!

Lucija received another prestigious invitation recently.  The coach of the Croatian team has  invited Lucia to represent Croatia at the Europa Cup held in March 2017, in Koper, Slovenia, as part of their national team.

Lucija and the Ruzevic family have established a Go Fund Me page to help defray the costs of this trip.

If you want to pitch in to help send this rising sailing star to the Europa Cup, click here.

Any size donation will be deeply appreciated by the Ruzevics.

Lucija, we are so proud of you!! Congratulations!


Dr. Jay and DCYC on the cover of 380 Guide

We are excited to again make the cover of 380 Guide magazine.  Below, check out Aaron Noble sitting high on the weather rail of Cyrano, Dr. Jay Hoppenstein‘s J/105.

This issue features an aerial shot of the post-storm harbor provided courtesy of Jim & Pat Rice, an image by Babs Hogan of a wrecked Wasabi being pulled out with a crane, and a J/24 starting line by Marie S. Nuchols. For the centerpiece of the issue, Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon  wrote a compelling piece covering the disasters of 2015 and how our Club came together in our recovery efforts.

Many thanks to Jodie Prickett and Karen Gradel at the 380 Guide! Thanks also to the club members who supplied the article and the images, including the cover shot by Marie S. Nuchols.


Photo of Cyrano courtesy of Marie S. Nuchols

J/24 Preseason Series # 1

January 15: Low wind earlier in the day, and a foreboding forecast for later in the day. These sailors could not be deterred from the race course, because that’s how they roll. 🙂

Race Committee (how we love them!): John Lusk, Karen Johnson, and Nels & Darla Lovebirds.. I mean, Hogbergs….



Image courtesy of Darla Hogberg


Image couresy of Darla Hogberg


Image courtesy of Darla Hogberg

Old Carpet Pulled from Upstairs

At the Annual Meeting in November, the membership approved money to replace the carpet and refurbish the bathrooms on the second floor.  We took the first step yesterday by taking up the carpet and inspecting the subfloor.  Thanks to Lynn Harpold, Jim Ryan, Pauline Chetelat, Scott Duford and Mark Blanchard for helping out.  The good news is the at the carpet came up cleanly, but there were several holes in the sub-floor.  The next step is to have multiple contractors assess the floor, make recommendations on how to repair and give us a bid.

Because of the hazard the holes create, the east room, west room and the hall connecting them on the second floor of the Clubhouse are closed until further notice.  The kitchen is available.

Hopefully we will have the upstairs floor repaired and carpet down in the next few weeks – we’ll keep you posted.

Chris Hoskins and Dan Wolf


Pauline Chetlet helps with the floors. Photo by Dan Wolf