Canyon Lake Regatta, Last 2016 Circuit Event for the J/24s

Three of DCYC’s J/24 teams made their last stand for 2016 at Lake Canyon this past weekend.

Congrats to James Freedman and Team Miss Conduct on their second place finish!

Team Bad Moon pulled out an eighth place finish and Tim Johnson with Team Graywolf finished in eleventh.

Way to represent, everyone!



Final Day of the Fall Racing Series

Today, after an emotional but uneventful annual meeting, the fleet went racing to wrap up the Fall Series. While it is still rough to go out racing without our friend Kelly, it was a beautiful day on the water and the racing was (slow, but) intense!

We got on the water an hour later than we usually would have due to the annual meeting, and the wind was variable and from the east, which meant that a little tactics and a lot of luck would have a hand in determining  today’s race winners.  Frank Heidlberger on race committee had an interesting time setting a square course, with the wind regularly shifting up to 30° every few minutes. Finally, a course was set and the racing began.

The first race was a pretty uneventful four-legged race and although it was tight, Matt Harden and crew on the Viper came in first in both real and corrected time. Dick Peters on Noble Savage was hot on their heels though, with just a 7 second difference in corrected time.

The second race was only two legs (pay attention kids, this will come in to play later in the story), but the wind decided to play fickle with us on this one.  All of the boats made it to the weather mark without a hitch, but that is where it started to fall apart. The wind would, by turn, give some boats a little lift while completely ignoring others. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day to sit and wait on the wind. Finally, at the end of the race, the wind had once again picked up, and it was a tight race between Randall Massey on Shotglass and Dan Wolf on Scoots… until Shotglass rounded the pin (rather than go through the finish line) and Scoots got the horn! First across! By the time Shotglass had unwound and crossed back over the finish line, both Harden on the Viper and Peters on Noble Savage had crossed the line, giving Shotglass a 4th place finish and knocking them out of 1st for the series.

Congratulations to Dick Peters and Noble Savage for winning the fall series and we look forward to seeing you all out on the course for our Winter Series!

(Thanks to Fleet Captain Heather Fahle for this report!)


Wurstfest: Lucija claims first place among girls and second place overall

According to her dad, Nino:

“Lucija got second overall, first girl in Wurstfest Laser 4.7 regatta at Canyon Lake. The conditions were really tough: rain, very light wind (3-5) swirling around 50-60 degrees.”

Right on, Lucija! Keep up the stellar on-the-water performances!!!  😀

Chizzywinks: A Naturalist Report from John Lusk

From DCYC’s Naturalist, John Lusk, on the flies: You’ve seen them. Here is what they are.

  • Common names include:  lake flies, bay flies, sand flies, muckleheads,  muffleheadsCanadian soldiers, American soldiers, blind mosquitoes, and chizzywinks.
  • The are not mosquitoes
  • Known as one of the indicator organisms
  • Larvae and pupae serve as important food sources for fish