Dr. Jay and DCYC on the cover of 380 Guide

We are excited to again make the cover of 380 Guide magazine.  Below, check out Aaron Noble sitting high on the weather rail of Cyrano, Dr. Jay Hoppenstein‘s J/105.

This issue features an aerial shot of the post-storm harbor provided courtesy of Jim & Pat Rice, an image by Babs Hogan of a wrecked Wasabi being pulled out with a crane, and a J/24 starting line by Marie S. Nuchols. For the centerpiece of the issue, Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon  wrote a compelling piece covering the disasters of 2015 and how our Club came together in our recovery efforts.

Many thanks to Jodie Prickett and Karen Gradel at the 380 Guide! Thanks also to the club members who supplied the article and the images, including the cover shot by Marie S. Nuchols.


Photo of Cyrano courtesy of Marie S. Nuchols


Update on Dock Reconstruction

Dock 1 has been constructed and moved into place. The MDI team is finishing the surfaces and cleats now. The dock should be open to members before noon Saturday. The use of or walking on the dock is prohibited until the construction company has released it to DCYC.
Then we can all look it over and eagerly wait for its sisters to join it. Dock 2 assembly starts next.

Main paths around the club remain a workzone.  Please be careful and avoid blocking construction equipment access.


Need a little morning exercise?  Want to see the new dock 1 at the club?
We need a handful of volunteers to come out Sat morning on a couple items.
*  start about 10:00, after it warms up a little bit.  Forecast is cold and windy.
*  wear work gloves and shoes that can get a little muddy.
1)  dumpster load
*  throw all wood pieces into the adjacent dumpster.
*  save any pieces with usable cleats for removal and re-use.
*  old worn rope pieces can go in too.  Don’t grab any of the dock constructor’s lines near their work box.
*  no metal pieces unless they are smaller than a foot long.
*  no pieces of hoists or other valuable items.  Not sure – leave it.
*  walk the demo area looking for trash to dispose of after all done.
2)    move any stray black floats back up their storage area behind the first row of boats.
*  if you are a math lover, try to calculate the approximate number of floats in the storage area and respond back to me.  Need one volunteer to ramrod this little item.
Thanks in advance,

dock 1 sunset

Dock 1, image courtesy of John Lusk

dock 1 sunset b

Dock 1, image courtesy of John Lusk

Per the Commodore: Dock Construction & Status of the Bank Loan

Dock Status Update 1/2/2016

And so it begins!

The replacement of our docks is set to begin Monday, Jan 4 2016 with the initial delivery of the components of docks 1, 2, and 3. The assembly will follow immediately. You would think that the high water would be a barrier. However, this is preferred by the contractor MDI. Construction on the 1st three docks is expected to be completed by the end of January, weather permitting.

We will be making the second payment to MDI with the delivery of the docks. The payment primarily will come from the funds paid by the Insurance Company for the loss, and the balance from an allocation from the bank loan which is in the final stages of completion. The finalization of the Bank Loan was delayed by a couple 11th hour requirements the Bank asked for. We met with the Bank yesterday, Jan. 1 and expect to resolve the additional requirements by the Jan.11, 2016.

It’s going to be good to be able to see the beginning of the end of this phase of the project.

Commodore Peters


Dock Construction Begins Monday!

Great news! According to David Patterson, we will see dock construction starting on Monday, January 4, 2016. David says Dock 1 will take about a week to complete.  Dock 2 follows and will also take about a week. Apparently Dock 3 will take a week and a half.

MCI will install Docks 4 & 5 near the end of March.

We plan on posting regular updates and images of the construction. If you have images or reports to share, please send them along!


Per the Harbor Master

Dock 5 is finished, toast, done for, hasta la vista, as in: we need to get it unloaded STAT.

The mud poles are holding it okay at the moment, but more of the welds are broken down through the spine.  We stabilized it some yesterday by removing the front portion and securing it against the seawall. Previously, it was swinging back and forth into boats boats on Dock 4 (mostly mine) and boats on Dock 6.  We also tied anchors to it to help hold it in place, but time is limited.  We need to unload the dock boxes and the 8 boat lifts from the dock, as well as get as many of those boats onto their trailers or put them on mooring balls.

To help with the removal of the boat lifts on Dock 5, we will be out there several times thru the middle of December with a portable generator to provide temporary power, so that the slip owner can get their lifts raised and removed.  We need to try to finish this by December 12th or 19th at the very latest.

We also recovered the gang planks on pseudo Dock 1, and Dock 5.  There is some additional work to do on those, but I’ll take care of it after the Circuit Stop at Canyon Lake.

Power will only be available on Dock 6 until after the new docks are in.  The power cable on pseudo Dock 1 has been damaged and is no longer safe to use.

Fleet 163 survived fairly well, with the exception of Lady Outlaw.  She is the J/24 that appeared several times on WFAA.  The boat is back on the trailer, but has a broken rudder (easy to replace) and needs some repair on the inside lazarettes.

When the lake rises another foot or so, it will probably be time to start removing trash cans, picnic tables, etc. from the lower area in front of the docks.

I would also strongly recommend that Dock 4 slip owners start getting their dock boxes unloaded and removed from the docks.





Images courtesy of Tim Johnson, Harbor Master


  • I want to thank all the members that were at the September 19th meeting. We had about 130 people come and listen to the presentations.
  • I want to thank the guys on the dock committee once again. You guys did a fabulous job.
  • I also want to thank Chris Osbourne, nice job on the number part of the meeting.
  • Most important, I would like to thank the members. I appreciate your attention and willingness to support a major rebuilding project. This will set us apart and add a first class marina with the current  amenities that we all enjoy.
The dock committee has agreed to a contract with MDI out of Oklahoma.

They were able to shave off about 60K from the price we were quoted. All the materials and layout remained the same. We are just wrapping up the legal side of the contract. As for the timeline, they will start building the docks in their shop in Oklahoma. We should expect docks 1-3 to be installed by mid January. Docks 4 and 5 will be installed by the end of April..  The delay in 1-3 vs 4 and 5 will give us time to dispose of the old 4 and 5.

We have progress….  Not quite as fast as we would like, but still progress….

Remember we will have our Terlingua Regatta October 16, 17, 18. Please make plans on attending. It is always great fun.

We are getting there, just everyone hang in a little longer.

A Good Day Fishing

Big Catches in the Harbor

The return of the Prodigal Opti Rack.

The return of the Prodigal Opti Rack.


A dock?

A mud pole?

A mud pole?

Charlie Hoffman's finger.

Charlie Hoffman’s finger.


David P. and Susan were in chase boat.

James H. and Ross were on Ichabod Crane.

On shore: Randall M., Dan W., Dagny B., Dave M., Tim A., and  others.


Before that we had several retrieving floats from east shore line.

Jon P., crew leader; Lisa W., boat driver; Chris H., Jim H., James H., Charlie H. assisted.

On shore was John L., Steve T. and others helping with the float stacking.

Get more details on the progress of the harbor cleanup in the upcoming Hailer.

[Thanks to James Hankins for the images and the report.]

Q & A Report from Tuesday Night

The following questions summarize some of the more pressing and/or common questions the DCYC Leadership has fielded both at the Tuesday meeting and in the recent past. Do you have a question that is not covered here? Please let us know so we can address it for the benefit of both you and your fellow club members. 

What about the sizes of the new docks?

– All eight-foot slips will be changed to ten-foot slips.
– Slips that were ten and twelve-foot will remain ten and twelve-foot slips.
– Slips that were fourteen-foot will now be thirteen-foot.
– The club will gain nine new slips, six of which will be twelve-foot slips.

Who are the contractors under consideration?
The Dock Committee narrowed potential contractors down from six builders to two favorites:

Marine Development Inc.

– Based in Oklahoma
– Steel truss design with concrete panels
– Dock maintenance: Concrete panels can be easily removed
– The predecessor of MDI built our breakwater and Dock 6. The Club has a strong history with MDI.

Wahoo Docks

– Based in Alabama
– Aluminum structure with an African hardwood decking
– Dock maintenance: Decking will need to be unscrewed to access the docks underneath.

Will the decision on the vendor be made before the meeting?
No. The Dock Committee is still negotiating with the two remaining vendors.

Are the docks built on or off premise?
The new docks will be built off premise and delivered ready to install. They will arrive at DCYC in sections and assembled here.

What are the pros/cons of aluminum vs. steel?
Aluminum is fancier, very attractive and a strong trend in yacht clubs across the country. One downside the difficulty of welding the aluminum docks.

MDI’s steel construction is traditional and stronger. Plus, we have a lot of experience welding steel.

What about the floats we purchased for the previous docks? Can we reuse our existing floats?
We do have the option to reuse our existing floats; there are two reasons we opted to go with new floats: (1) using our existing floats would save the Club very little money; (2) the floats we purchased are 12 inches. The new floats are 18-20 inch floats. The Dock Committee strongly prefers higher docks with the taller floats. They also have several ideas on how to reuse and/or resell the original floats.

What’s the starting date/end date?
We are asking for estimates. Possibly starting in November or December, finishing in two-to-three weeks.

How are the docks secured?
We originally looked at pilings which would have cost three-hundred thousand more than our current estimates, a cost we decided we could not afford. The two remaining options are a block-and-cable system and mud poles.

We chose mud poles, in part because we have better ideas of how to prevent future failures. Previous dock failures have occurred when a dry line from West Texas pushed through and broke the mud poles. The new plan includes winches and cables that would tie into the bulkheads. The Dock Committee feels confident the bigger (eight-inch) mud poles with an increased ability to tie them into the dock structure will serve the club well in the long term.

Note: Tropical Depression Bill was a 55-year event. This combination of high water and excessive winds is unique in the history of the club. Prevention of future problems similar to this highly unusual event would simply be cost prohibitive. Rather than engineer for another 55- or 100-year event, it makes more sense to increase our insurance.

What about the debris in the harbor?
We are missing a hydro-hoist, an Opti rack, and Dock 3’s walkway. We think we know where some of it is. Most of the mud poles have been located. All debris will be removed prior to the dock installation. Randall Massey (with the help of volunteers) is picking up more debris every weekend.

What is a mud pole vs. a piling?
A piling is driven into the lake bottom. A mud pole is dropped.

What can members expect in terms of water and power on the new docks?
The plan is to offer power similar to what we had. We looked closely at offering 30 amp power, but the quote was over $250,000.00 and would require new infrastructure. Adding this new infrastructure and power will remain an option in the future with the new docks.

For now, the new docks will offer one outlet for every four docks, just like our previous docks. We are still obtaining quotes for the electrical service, but we hope to have it installed for less than $100,000.00.

Water service will remain similar to that on our previous docks.

What will happen to the boats on Docks 4 & 5 as the new Docks 4&5 are being installed?
Our current plan is to build the docks in two time frames, first Docks 1-3, then Docks 4-5. Between those two builds, we will move all the boats off Docks 4-5 and destroy the docks in preparation for the new docks.

Will the new fingers twist?
No. Both dock plans are extremely stable. At some point, the harbor will go dry as it has before. When it does, the new docks will not have underwater trusses/back braces that will settle on the lake bottom, making the docks twist. The MDI docks offer torsion tubes that also help eliminate twisting.

Will the Club handle the removal and reinstallation of members’ hydro-hoists?
As before, individual members are responsible for uninstalling and reinstalling their hydro-hoists.

Will the walkway between Docks 5 & 6 be restored?
In all likelihood. The Dock Committee is considering some plans to restore access between the two docks.

Will I have my same slip?
The Dock Committee will attempt to keep dock assignments as similar as possible to the current configuration.

Why not just repair Docks 4 & 5 rather than replace them?
Repairing Docks 4 & 5 would cost more than $100,000. Considering repair costs and future maintenance costs, it is actually much more cost effective in the long run to simply replace them now.

What about the damage to Dock 6?
We do have a cost estimate for repairs on Dock 6 and are considering our options.

Will spaces between the slips remain the same?
They will be basically the same. Fingers will be four-foot wide. We considered a two-foot option, but four-foot provides increased stability and better security for attaching hydro-hoists.

Will the slips have built-in V-decks?
The new docks do not include built-in V-decks; the design of the new docks means it will be much easier for members to bolt into the side brackets of the dock structure. The Dock Committee is considering a standard for V-decks.

Are there prefab V-decks available to purchase?
Yes, Wahoo does offer prefab V-decks. We can ask MDI to provide a quote on their V-decks.

What about dock boxes?
The placement of the dock boxes is contingent upon the final widths of the docks and fingers, decisions still under discussion, but the Dock Committee is considering uniform standards for the placement of dock boxes that would enhance accessibility of docks and fingers.

How wide will the docks be?
Six-foot docks make sense given the Corps of Engineers’ emphasis on ADA accessibility, plus six-foot docks are more stable and give us better flexibility in usage. Four-foot docks require extra monitoring and care.

What about edge-guards and cleats?
All docks come with edge-guards and six cleats.

What if we cannot make the meeting?
Dock owners can vote by proxy, members cannot. Please do your best to attend. It is imperative we make the quorum established by our bylaws for this historic meeting.

What are the quorum requirements for the meeting?
We need 25% of the voting members to attend the meeting to meet the bylaws’ requirements for a quorum.

What is this going to cost individual members?
Our current plan is to increase members’ CIF contribution by $10 and the Dock Maintenance Fee by $20 per dock for a total of a $30 increase for members with a single slip. For those who do not own docks, their bills will increase by only $10.00.

We are seeking approval for a loan of up to $800,000.00, though we hope to not use the entire amount. New docks will cost between 1.2 and 1.3 million, of which our insurance will cover around $500,000.00.

Have we shopped around for good interest rates?
Yes, and we continue to do so. We believe our rate will be somewhere between 4.5 and 4.2 percent.

Did we investigate getting assistance from FEMA?
FEMA is not the best option for the Club. Besides, interest rates are quite low at this time.

Did we consider allowing the membership to fund part or all of the loan?
Yes, this option was discussed extensively. The leadership thinks the complexities outweighed the benefits. And again, current bank interest rates remain attractively low.

What about a sunset for the fee increase associated with this loan?
Members always have the option to revise the fee structure at any point in the future.

What if the membership does not approve the loan?
There is no road forward. We cannot built the docks without a loan. If we fail to pass a plan now, we risk having boats on moorings through the winter months. Given the devastation of the docks, the proposed fee increases are not unreasonable. If we do not secure the membership’s permission to move forward on the loan and the dock construction, we risk permanently losing our dock allocations from the Corps of Engineers as well as our most important asset, our members.

How long will the Club pay on this loan?
Currently, we have approval for a ten-year loan, although the Club is seeking approval for a fifteen-year loan. It is the intention of the leadership to accelerate the payment of the loan so we have paid it off in 8.5 years. Even more aggressive repayment plans have the loan paid within seven years.

Can we increase our membership?
The forecasts we have based our projections on are worst-case scenarios. We have a lot of interest from people who are waiting to see what happens. Clearly, the new docks will make our club much more attractive to potential new members.

With rate increase, where does that put us compared to other clubs?
Comparable slips at Cottonwood Creek (our nearest neighbor) run $230–270 per month. Across the board, we remain very competitive and economical in the sailing community.

What about non-dock related damage like the roofs on the smaller structures?
Smaller issues like the picnic table roofs are still under discussion, but membership will handle much of it.


DCYC logo 2012_Low Res

I want to remind everyone of a very important General Meeting next Saturday, September 19, 2015.  We are calling on all members to attend. In this general session will be voting on a project that has the potential to make our club sustainable for many decades of to come. I want to give all of you a some specific information as to some of the issues we will be discussing on Saturday.

Yesterday, the BOG unanimously approved the dock committee’s plan to rebuild docks 1-5.   In addition to this, the BOG unanimously recommended the committee continue to negotiate the best price possible with the two vendors they have selected. It is the feeling of the BOG, as well as the dock committee, that we do not have a viable option other than replacing 1-5. At the meeting next weekend, we will share the scope of the entire project with the membership, as well as answer any questions. We will be asking you to vote on the financing package with includes a small increase in CIF and dock maintenance.

The Board unanimously recommended that everyone share in the cost of the rebuild. It is important to note that the plan approved by the BOG does not include any up-front fees accessed. In the next day or two, we will be adding an event registration for the meeting as well as lunch on Saturday. Lunch is free to members. Please sign up early in as we need a idea of how many people are planning to join us.

In an effort to further clarify the issues regarding the Dock Committee’s plan to rebuild our harbor, we will be holding a brief question-and-answer session in the upstairs dining room at DCYC this coming Tuesday, September 15, from 6:30 to 8 pm. Also note the question-and-answer forum on DCYC.org for answers to frequently asked questions regarding this project.

Best Regards,

Leland Morris

DCYC Commodore

PS: Note that it’s critical that people register in advance so we know how much food to order. Please register today!!

Click here to register


The notices for the general meeting on the 19th are going out the first of the week.

I want to thank the dock committee for the  countless hours they have devoted to this project.  I think you will find we have several decisions that will be simple and a couple that will be a little more difficult. I will have a couple of nights that I will be at the club to answer any questions you may have before the meeting. I will also ask any Board members that want to attend they are more than welcome. We will post those dates shortly.

All I ask is that you keep a open mind, be willing to listen and maybe think a little out of the box….