Message from the Commodore

IMG_6579Don’t look now but if you haven’t noticed, its already March 2017. 

Say good bye and farewell to ups and downs of the lake level and the wild roller coaster ride we all took in 2016.   Even though the last two years were a challenge thanks to mother nature’s curve balls, I must say I’ve really enjoyed serving as Rear and Vice the past two years. The club has been responsible for me and Phyllis making so many friends and changed our life style from city living where you hardly see or know your neighbors to lakeside country living with a yacht club playground and so many fun friends and events we are never without something to do. After enjoying the DCYC sailing opportunities and social events since 1996 I made the decision to do my share and give back to the club. This adventure started with the Board of Governors six years ago.  In doing so I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to keep DCYC functioning on a day to day basis from those before me. Serving the club has its moments good and bad, buts its opened my eyes, and allowed me to meet so many of you. I’ve made a lot of friends along the way and possibly a few enemies enforcing a rule or two but it’s all good. If your active in the club you will eventually be given a nick name. Yes, as rear commodore I was the Derelict Nazi. Last year as Vice I was the “Energized Bunny”, the “Work Party Nazi” and also known as “Marks Boss”.  I heard a few others but can’t put those in print.  Can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Just in case you forgot where we were in 2016 take a look at this!

Yes, the water level was about 532 and we were using Tim Johnsons motor less ferry to pull ourselves back and forth to the docks, we had dock debris everywhere and boats scattered about anyplace we could. LOOK at us now one-year latter. We have been blessed with average rain fall, our new docks are the best on the lake, pot holes are gone, grounds are great and the club looks better than ever. How did this happen? A great core of dedicated energetic members like you and the leadership. I say a big high five and Thank You to Dick Peters and Chris Osborn for passing the baton while leaving the club in great physical and financial position considering the expenses and loan process related to the new docks & recovery efforts. GREAT JOB !!

As your incoming Commodore, I appreciate the trust you have placed in me and I’ll do my best to keep Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club the best it can be.  I want to thank all the 2017 existing officers, board members, committee heads, event chairs that have stepped forward and accepted positions this year.  This is a very qualified group of people and talent and look forward to working with each and every one of them.  The list is posted on our web site so be sure to thank them the first chance you get.  A few I must mention is Tonja Holmes – Moon is back as the Hailer Editor. She hopes to be up and running in April.  Pam Hancock is Entertainment Chair and promises to bring back some of the old traditional activities & events so popular in years past.  Take a look at the event calendars as its quickly taking shape. These social events are always a great time and the more the merrier plus a great way to meet others in the club.  Leslie Maynard is back at House Chair, taking care of one of our biggest assets and it’s a big responsibility so when you’re enjoying the club house, you should be thanking Leslie. A new chair position this year is Motor Boat Squadron; John Horwedel will be coordinating some events focused on gathering our motor boaters for raft ups & other water events throughout the year. Heather is back as fleet captain who did a fantastic job last year so look out this year. Also a special thank you to Charlie & Janell Hoffman who are chairing the Annual Regatta. Also, I’m so thankful that Mark Blanchard our one and only caretaker is still with us after the last two years. He does a great job taking care of our property and in some cases our members.  Remember the success and fun at the club does not happen without you. I’m hopeful our events will be well attended. A lot of time and effort goes into planning and preparing and your participation is a great way to show your appreciation.  We need everyone to take a position on a committee.  Do your part by reaching out to a committee chair, as they all are looking for volunteers with new ideas & talents. Their names are listed on the Officers’ page. It’s easy, call them and let them know your willingness to help. Or contact me 214-549-1122 and I’ll get you connected  

Our annual meeting was well attended on November. For those who missed it, I’ll share a short summary of the four Capital Improvements projects the members approved.

1.  Replacement of Residence Septic system $12,000

The system is beyond repair & must be replaced.  Bids have been received and will be reviewed with anticipated completion in April.

2.  Repair & Replace 2nd Floor sub floor, as needed, re-carpet & refurbish Upstairs Restrooms – $35,000.

This project has already started as carpet has been removed & job scope identified. Bids are currently being solicited.

3.  Floating Breakwater – $15,000

The existing breakwater will be salvaged and repositioned to the East.  A new breakwater system will be installed to provide better protection to the harbor.

4.  Lower level Blinds – $2,500.   Look for new blinds or shades mid-year.

If you want more information on the annual meeting, the minutes are posted on the web site in the members only section

My theme this year is “We can’t control the wind, but We can adjust the sails “A south wind has blown population North surrounding us with opportunity.  With membership at its lowest in many years at 137 we anticipate and I’m hopeful membership will grow rapidly in the next 2-4 years. Dan the statistician has determined most members join because of someone here at the club. So you the member need to put your marketing hat on and make sure they know we are here. Don’t miss an opportunity to share our story with your friends, workmates, clients, school events or other. Once they step foot on the grounds and see our great facility they will join. This is also a great opportunity to rebuild our youth program (the future of DCYC) as new families move to the area.

I must also mention a Northern is blowing in. Carol Roberts our Club CPA, who handles all our accounting needs and office administration for the last 11 years has a desire to transition out of that position to spend more time with family & travel.  I had no idea until recently how much Carol does for the club, handling reimbursable requests, dock sales, member club charges, phone calls, a large volume of Emails, all in addition to accounting responsibilities. Finding someone to fill her shoes will be darn near impossible without additional cost to the club.   This transition period will be a challenge for all of us and new procedures must be set up to streamline and simplify some of our methods of which we do things now so we can keep cost down. Our new incoming Treasurer, Jeff Ellefson is working closely with Carol now looking forward to his suggestions and recommendations to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

If I haven’t bored you into a sleep by now, Ill share a few more things. If you have a suggestion, a new idea or complaint about anything related to the club, I want to hear from you, not through third parties and not on social media. There are several ways you can be heard. Call or contact any Flag officer or BOG member.  Contact me at  214-549-1122 . You can come to any BOG meeting. Just for this reason I have placed a spot on the top of the agenda as follows:

This agenda item provides an opportunity for the public or a DCYC member to address the BOG on any matter that is not posted on the agenda.  The BOG  will also  hear comments on specific agenda items that are listed  prior to the BOG addressing those items. There is a three minute time limit for each person wishing to speak .The BOG  is not required  to take action or engage in any discussion on presentation or inquiries concerning an item not listed on the agenda.  However,  a representative of the BOG  or a Flag officer may respond with either a statement or specific factural information in response to the inquiry. Once this session is closed there shall be no further input from the public or members not on the BOG or Chairperson unless called upon by the flag officer in charge.

In closing (finally) I’ll share what so many before me have shared

“The overall enjoyment and fun that happens at DCYC occurs when you become involved, meeting new people and contributing to the ownership and camaraderie of our club.  DCYC is a MEMBER OWNED ALL VOLUNTEER OPERATED club.  It takes each and every one of us contributing in some way (beyond monthly dues payments) to keep the yacht club fun, inviting, and fully operational.

We can’t adjust the wind, but we can adjust the sails!!

James Hankins



It’s killdeer nesting season!

A few gentle reminders from our Harbor Master and Resident Naturalist, John Lusk:
  • Nesting season has started. Remember that Killdeer plovers nest on the ground in shallow depressions, often in areas with a lot of rocks (like along our roadways and in the dry storage area). Please exercise caution when walking or driving the grounds in the next few weeks.
  • Killdeer are protected by federal and state laws, as are all birds.
  • Club grounds include Corps land in a natural state. The Board and many club members support a policy of peaceful coexistence with all the wildlife, including snakes and turtles.
  • Dogs off-leash can harass or injure the Killdeer, most especially the eggs and juveniles who are more vulnerable; please control your dogs.

Thanks for helping keep our club a habitat in which we can enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature.

First Circuit Stop for the J/24s in Kemah

We have multiple teams representing the Club in Kemah at the first Circuit Stop this weekend, including Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon with Team Siren, Christopher Holmes with Team BadMoon, Tim Johnson with Team Gray Wolf, James Freeman with Team Misconduct, and Andrew Theisman with Team YounGuns. (If I have missed your team, let me know!)

Good luck, everyone! SAIL FAST!

RESULTS (Congratulations to James Freedman and Team Misconduct on their 4th Place finish in a very competitive fleet!)

(And send your pictures to share!)

Darla in Houston March 2017 02

I adore this image provided courtesy of Darla Hogberg

Images courtesy of Darla Hogberg

Images courtesy of Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon

Images courtesy of Peter Brigaitis



Europa Cup, Bacardi Race Week, and Winter Series #5

EUROPA CUP, SLOVENIA:  Day 1 of racing was canceled due to high winds.

BACARDI RACE WEEK, MIAMI: Day 1 of racing was canceled due to no wind.

WINTER SERIES #5, OAK POINT: Perfect winds, and a great day to be out on the water!

It’s always great to hit the road, but as we say, there’s no place like home.

It does sound like our on-the-road racers are having a great time, even if the winds are not completely cooperating. Lucija raced in two regattas leading up to the Europa Cup. She did quite well in both, landing second place finishes for girls in her age group among a very competitive group. Nino tells me the races are longer than our TSA races, lasting an hour. They were also squeezing six races in a day at the regattas. So Lucija was hiking around six hours on race days. How long can you hike?

[The Europa Cup is still in progress; check back here for updates.]

In Miami, the first of two regattas was a mast-breaking event. Racing was canceled on Day 1 and some of those who dared go out on Day 2 did so at their peril. Our Viper Team opted out and felt pretty validated about that decision when two competitors came in with downed masts. The Bacardi Cup regatta started Thursday and is wrapping on up Saturday. Check back here for results.

 A few pictures from Lucija’s Sojourn in Europe