Europa Cup, Bacardi Race Week, and Winter Series #5

EUROPA CUP, SLOVENIA:  Day 1 of racing was canceled due to high winds.

BACARDI RACE WEEK, MIAMI: Day 1 of racing was canceled due to no wind.

WINTER SERIES #5, OAK POINT: Perfect winds, and a great day to be out on the water!

It’s always great to hit the road, but as we say, there’s no place like home.

It does sound like our on-the-road racers are having a great time, even if the winds are not completely cooperating. Lucija raced in two regattas leading up to the Europa Cup. She did quite well in both, landing second place finishes for girls in her age group among a very competitive group. Nino tells me the races are longer than our TSA races, lasting an hour. They were also squeezing six races in a day at the regattas. So Lucija was hiking around six hours on race days. How long can you hike?

[The Europa Cup is still in progress; check back here for updates.]

In Miami, the first of two regattas was a mast-breaking event. Racing was canceled on Day 1 and some of those who dared go out on Day 2 did so at their peril. Our Viper Team opted out and felt pretty validated about that decision when two competitors came in with downed masts. The Bacardi Cup regatta started Thursday and is wrapping on up Saturday. Check back here for results.

 A few pictures from Lucija’s Sojourn in Europe


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