Update on the Dock Construction

Construction of Dock 3 is nearly complete. It will join its brothers Dock 1 and Dock 2 within days.

The harbor focus will now change to:

  • more demolition of old docks
  • preparing for electrical and water outlets on all docks
  • preparing for the installation of Dock 4 and Dock 5. Recall that the installation is scheduled for late March.

When (not if) the water level reaches 524′, we can complete the attachment to the lakewall and addition of ramps. Projected at Feb 10-20 timeframe.



Docks 1 & 2 are in place

Dock 2 is now in place in the harbor. Workers are finishing it now. After a few days to settle the poles we can start moving boats to Dock 1 and Dock 2. Stay tuned for updates.

image2 (1)new-dock

Dam Repairs Begin

And update on the Lake Lewisville dam:

“The corps has taken steps to lower the lake level to repair the landslide by releasing water downstream and said in statement that despite ‘some known dam safety issues, it is not at risk of failure.'”



Lake Lewisville remains high after recent rains.

Lake Level:   528.71′

Feet above Conservation Pool:   6.71

Feet over Flood Pool:   -3.29′

Corps is releasing  5,862  cubic feet per second


Lake Levels Between August and January


Lack Levels Between April and January



Update on Dock Reconstruction

Dock 1 has been constructed and moved into place. The MDI team is finishing the surfaces and cleats now. The dock should be open to members before noon Saturday. The use of or walking on the dock is prohibited until the construction company has released it to DCYC.
Then we can all look it over and eagerly wait for its sisters to join it. Dock 2 assembly starts next.

Main paths around the club remain a workzone.  Please be careful and avoid blocking construction equipment access.


Need a little morning exercise?  Want to see the new dock 1 at the club?
We need a handful of volunteers to come out Sat morning on a couple items.
*  start about 10:00, after it warms up a little bit.  Forecast is cold and windy.
*  wear work gloves and shoes that can get a little muddy.
1)  dumpster load
*  throw all wood pieces into the adjacent dumpster.
*  save any pieces with usable cleats for removal and re-use.
*  old worn rope pieces can go in too.  Don’t grab any of the dock constructor’s lines near their work box.
*  no metal pieces unless they are smaller than a foot long.
*  no pieces of hoists or other valuable items.  Not sure – leave it.
*  walk the demo area looking for trash to dispose of after all done.
2)    move any stray black floats back up their storage area behind the first row of boats.
*  if you are a math lover, try to calculate the approximate number of floats in the storage area and respond back to me.  Need one volunteer to ramrod this little item.
Thanks in advance,

dock 1 sunset

Dock 1, image courtesy of John Lusk

dock 1 sunset b

Dock 1, image courtesy of John Lusk

Per the Commodore: Dock Construction & Status of the Bank Loan

Dock Status Update 1/2/2016

And so it begins!

The replacement of our docks is set to begin Monday, Jan 4 2016 with the initial delivery of the components of docks 1, 2, and 3. The assembly will follow immediately. You would think that the high water would be a barrier. However, this is preferred by the contractor MDI. Construction on the 1st three docks is expected to be completed by the end of January, weather permitting.

We will be making the second payment to MDI with the delivery of the docks. The payment primarily will come from the funds paid by the Insurance Company for the loss, and the balance from an allocation from the bank loan which is in the final stages of completion. The finalization of the Bank Loan was delayed by a couple 11th hour requirements the Bank asked for. We met with the Bank yesterday, Jan. 1 and expect to resolve the additional requirements by the Jan.11, 2016.

It’s going to be good to be able to see the beginning of the end of this phase of the project.

Commodore Peters