Delivery & installation of Docks 4 & 5


Please know docks 4 & 5 are being delivered so we have lots of trucks and equipment coming and going.

If you do come to the club, please  know it’s a CONSTRUCTION SITE and be careful and keep out of the way at least until all the dock material is delivered.  If you must come, please park in the SWC near the pool (where the camper spot is) to leave plenty of room for big the trucks.

The end is near !!!

Thank you,

James Hankins, Vice Commodore



Flooding after recent rains

From our caretaker, Mark Blanchard:

“Parking lot quickly filling up with the lake again. Crane pad is underwater. I am not sure what to think normal Lake level really means. I want to personally thank all of you that showed up yesterday to get the waterfront ready for the rising waters. The show of force made quick work and got the waterfront ready for the Impending flooding. I appreciate your time and effort to make it happen. Thank you all.”

flooded parking lot

Dock Update per the Harbor Master

Boat moving and re-locations have stabilized for now. If you have a boat in the water, you should find it in your regular slip or in a borrowed slip or still on a mooring.
Expecting rain in coming week.
Ramps to docks have been installed permanently.
New dock 4 and dock 5 install starts at end of March. Be prepared for club disruption like before.
Fire extinguishers, safety ladders and throw lines coming soon.