Dock Construction Begins Monday!

Great news! According to David Patterson, we will see dock construction starting on Monday, January 4, 2016. David says Dock 1 will take about a week to complete.  Dock 2 follows and will also take about a week. Apparently Dock 3 will take a week and a half.

MCI will install Docks 4 & 5 near the end of March.

We plan on posting regular updates and images of the construction. If you have images or reports to share, please send them along!



Dam Failure Potential

Looking for some light reading for your leisurely weekend?

“Even before last spring’s rains, the Lewisville Dam was listed by the Corps as the eighth-most-hazardous in the country. Recent rains have made it worse, the Corps says.

The dam is so unstable now that the Fort Worth District is considering asking Corps headquarters to upgrade its risk classification to the highest: “critically near failure” — that is, “almost certain to fail under normal operations … within a few years without intervention,” according to a Corps document.


Only 34 miles upstream from Dallas, the Lewisville Dam holds back 2 million acre-feet, or 2.5 billion tons, of water when the lake is full. If the dam failed, the magnitude of all that water unleashed from Lake Lewisville down the Trinity River would dwarf the worst dam disaster in American history.”

— George Getschow
Special Contributor to the Dallas Morning News

Read the full article here:
  Photo from Dallas Morning News Photographer Nathan Hunsinger

DCYC Policy for Water in Boats

Attention all boat owners — 

North Texas received more than 10 inches of rain in the last 5 days.

The lake is up 7.5 feet from last week and may go up some more.  Many boats in the harbor and on shore are holding rainwater and/or leakage from the lake.  

YOU are responsible for pumping or removing the water, maintaining bilge pumps, checking dock lines, etc for your boat(s).

If the club employees or volunteers must pump out a boat or reset the dock lines, there WILL be charges added to your monthly bill. The details are covered in the Club Rules.  The charges escalate with multiple pump-outs.

Questions can be directed to John Lusk, only if necessary.  Ferry boat access to the docks 4 and 5 is  limited and needs to be pre-scheduled for afternoons.