It’s killdeer nesting season!

A few gentle reminders from our Harbor Master and Resident Naturalist, John Lusk:
  • Nesting season has started. Remember that Killdeer plovers nest on the ground in shallow depressions, often in areas with a lot of rocks (like along our roadways and in the dry storage area). Please exercise caution when walking or driving the grounds in the next few weeks.
  • Killdeer are protected by federal and state laws, as are all birds.
  • Club grounds include Corps land in a natural state. The Board and many club members support a policy of peaceful coexistence with all the wildlife, including snakes and turtles.
  • Dogs off-leash can harass or injure the Killdeer, most especially the eggs and juveniles who are more vulnerable; please control your dogs.

Thanks for helping keep our club a habitat in which we can enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature.


DCYC Amateur Naturalist Report

DCYC Amateur Naturalist Report for June 7th

The killdeer shore birds are nesting again.  Avoid the area near the cone on the high road for a nest there.

We have new guests on the property — a Baltimore Oriole family!!  These birds build nests in the trees thankfully.  Look for a bright orange and black bird about the size of a mockingbird, coming and going from the end of a lower branch on the road side of the first large tree. That’s the male.  Female similar but not as bright. Yes, it looks just like the baseball team colors and logos.