Time to Winterize: Freezes/Snow in Forecast


Your Harbor Master wants you to remember to take precautions with your boat this winter. Hard freezes and potential for icy conditions are in our long-range forecast.


Lake Levels and Rain


Lake Lewisville sits prettily at conservation levels.

Lake Level:   522.35′

Feet above Conservation Pool:   0.35′

Feet under Flood Pool:   9.65′

Corps is releasing  1,686  cubic feet per second


Of course, there’s a bit of rain on the way….





Flooding after recent rains

From our caretaker, Mark Blanchard:

“Parking lot quickly filling up with the lake again. Crane pad is underwater. I am not sure what to think normal Lake level really means. I want to personally thank all of you that showed up yesterday to get the waterfront ready for the rising waters. The show of force made quick work and got the waterfront ready for the Impending flooding. I appreciate your time and effort to make it happen. Thank you all.”

flooded parking lot

Dock Update per the Harbor Master

Boat moving and re-locations have stabilized for now. If you have a boat in the water, you should find it in your regular slip or in a borrowed slip or still on a mooring.
Expecting rain in coming week.
Ramps to docks have been installed permanently.
New dock 4 and dock 5 install starts at end of March. Be prepared for club disruption like before.
Fire extinguishers, safety ladders and throw lines coming soon.

DCYC Policy for Water in Boats

Attention all boat owners — 

North Texas received more than 10 inches of rain in the last 5 days.

The lake is up 7.5 feet from last week and may go up some more.  Many boats in the harbor and on shore are holding rainwater and/or leakage from the lake.  

YOU are responsible for pumping or removing the water, maintaining bilge pumps, checking dock lines, etc for your boat(s).

If the club employees or volunteers must pump out a boat or reset the dock lines, there WILL be charges added to your monthly bill. The details are covered in the Club Rules.  The charges escalate with multiple pump-outs.

Questions can be directed to John Lusk, only if necessary.  Ferry boat access to the docks 4 and 5 is  limited and needs to be pre-scheduled for afternoons.


“El Niño behind storms to come”

Texas could see very heavy rains, with the worst of the weather in eastern Texas and the central Gulf Coast, “but that doesn’t mean there won’t be instances [of severe storms] farther west in the Dallas area,” Noll said. “You’ll have these storms move through and they’ll drag some significant cold fronts with them.

“You’ll see severe weather outbreaks in November and into the winter.”

Northern Texas could see more ice and snow than normal, with cold air pushing as far south as the Rio Grande Valley, Noll said. Places like Corpus Christi can expect lots of gray skies, drizzle and low clouds through the winter months.

If El Niño brings a series of significant rainstorms to the Dallas area, as it did in late spring, officials at the Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Worth said that the lakes and river should be able to handle it.

Denton Record Chronicle, “El Niño behind storms to come”
By Michael E. Young
The Dallas Morning News
Published: 15 November 2015 11:59 PM