“El Niño behind storms to come”

Texas could see very heavy rains, with the worst of the weather in eastern Texas and the central Gulf Coast, “but that doesn’t mean there won’t be instances [of severe storms] farther west in the Dallas area,” Noll said. “You’ll have these storms move through and they’ll drag some significant cold fronts with them.

“You’ll see severe weather outbreaks in November and into the winter.”

Northern Texas could see more ice and snow than normal, with cold air pushing as far south as the Rio Grande Valley, Noll said. Places like Corpus Christi can expect lots of gray skies, drizzle and low clouds through the winter months.

If El Niño brings a series of significant rainstorms to the Dallas area, as it did in late spring, officials at the Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Worth said that the lakes and river should be able to handle it.

Denton Record Chronicle, “El Niño behind storms to come”
By Michael E. Young
The Dallas Morning News
Published: 15 November 2015 11:59 PM


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