Old Carpet Pulled from Upstairs

At the Annual Meeting in November, the membership approved money to replace the carpet and refurbish the bathrooms on the second floor.  We took the first step yesterday by taking up the carpet and inspecting the subfloor.  Thanks to Lynn Harpold, Jim Ryan, Pauline Chetelat, Scott Duford and Mark Blanchard for helping out.  The good news is the at the carpet came up cleanly, but there were several holes in the sub-floor.  The next step is to have multiple contractors assess the floor, make recommendations on how to repair and give us a bid.

Because of the hazard the holes create, the east room, west room and the hall connecting them on the second floor of the Clubhouse are closed until further notice.  The kitchen is available.

Hopefully we will have the upstairs floor repaired and carpet down in the next few weeks – we’ll keep you posted.

Chris Hoskins and Dan Wolf


Pauline Chetlet helps with the floors. Photo by Dan Wolf