It’s killdeer nesting season!

A few gentle reminders from our Harbor Master and Resident Naturalist, John Lusk:
  • Nesting season has started. Remember that Killdeer plovers nest on the ground in shallow depressions, often in areas with a lot of rocks (like along our roadways and in the dry storage area). Please exercise caution when walking or driving the grounds in the next few weeks.
  • Killdeer are protected by federal and state laws, as are all birds.
  • Club grounds include Corps land in a natural state. The Board and many club members support a policy of peaceful coexistence with all the wildlife, including snakes and turtles.
  • Dogs off-leash can harass or injure the Killdeer, most especially the eggs and juveniles who are more vulnerable; please control your dogs.

Thanks for helping keep our club a habitat in which we can enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature.


Chizzywinks: A Naturalist Report from John Lusk

From DCYC’s Naturalist, John Lusk, on the flies: You’ve seen them. Here is what they are.

  • Common names include:  lake flies, bay flies, sand flies, muckleheads,  muffleheadsCanadian soldiers, American soldiers, blind mosquitoes, and chizzywinks.
  • The are not mosquitoes
  • Known as one of the indicator organisms
  • Larvae and pupae serve as important food sources for fish