Msg from the Commodore on Dogs and Trailer Storage

Dear Members,

First, I want to thank all of you who attended the Annual Member Meeting this past Saturday. We have a few remaining items to address:


As we all know, we have long been a pet/dog friendly club and hope we can remain so. Recently, I have noticed (and a number of members have complained about) pet owners not picking up and cleaning after their pets. I have also received complaints about dogs running off leash around the club under no supervision (which is probably one reason we have the droppings all over the grounds). Please bear in mind some of our members and guests are not dog lovers and prefer to keep their distance, a real challenge when dogs are running off leash.

With that said, please recall that the rules clearly state the following regarding pets:

1.    All pets on DCYC property must be kept on a leash and under their handlers’ direct control at all times while on DCYC property. The pet’s owners are responsible for any and all damages caused by their pet. Furthermore, owners must immediately clean up after their pets while on DCYC property.

2.    Pets are not allowed in the club house.

3.    Pets are not allowed in the pool or pool area.   

I’m asking all members to please comply with these rules. If not, our BOG members will come up with a way to deal with those that continue to disregard our rules.   



We are having issues with members bringing in boats and or trailers without going through proper channels. The dry storage area and the bone yard are under the supervision of the Rear Commodore and assisted by David Patterson.

Before you bring a boat or trailer on the property, be it in a wet slip or dry storage, please bear in mind:

1.     You must complete the boat trailer registration form located in the member section and send to the Rear Commodore.

2.     Your boat and/or trailer must have insurance.

3.     You must not have a lock on your trailer.

4.     You must keep your boat and or trailer in good repair (no flats, no torn boat covers).

5.     You must put your name and contact info on the trailer tongue.

Your cooperation in complying with these policies is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, my door is open to you, as always.

Phyllis and I wish for all of you a safe and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thank you,

James Hankins – Commodore 2017