Valentine’s Day Race Delay for 29 Degree Temps

Fleet Captains trying to decide whether or not they should proceed with a race in less than ideal conditions often consult with the “Go-No-Go” calculator (like this one at Rush Creek). Plug in a few numbers and the calculator produces a verdict that quantifies the risk. Scores between zero and 59 mean sailing is on. Scores between 60 and 70 fall into the dreaded “Race Committee Discretion” zone. And then scores 71 and above dictate “No Sailing Today.”

At 1 pm, with a temperature of 29 degrees, the calculator spit out a score of 106.

So. No sailing for you today, young lovers. But never fear, for the race will be rescheduled for better conditions. It must be rescheduled because we already have three crystal trophies etched up for the event. So we will compete somehow, sometime, someway for those lovelies, even if it just comes down to the women on the participating teams arm-wrestling for them.

Stay tuned for the rescheduled event.


Valentine's Day No Go