From the Harbor Master: Urgent Assistance Needed at the Club

We need some volunteers with four-wheel drive trucks to help at the club in the face of rising flood waters. Please meet us at the club asap.



Per the Harbor Master

Dock 5 is finished, toast, done for, hasta la vista, as in: we need to get it unloaded STAT.

The mud poles are holding it okay at the moment, but more of the welds are broken down through the spine.  We stabilized it some yesterday by removing the front portion and securing it against the seawall. Previously, it was swinging back and forth into boats boats on Dock 4 (mostly mine) and boats on Dock 6.  We also tied anchors to it to help hold it in place, but time is limited.  We need to unload the dock boxes and the 8 boat lifts from the dock, as well as get as many of those boats onto their trailers or put them on mooring balls.

To help with the removal of the boat lifts on Dock 5, we will be out there several times thru the middle of December with a portable generator to provide temporary power, so that the slip owner can get their lifts raised and removed.  We need to try to finish this by December 12th or 19th at the very latest.

We also recovered the gang planks on pseudo Dock 1, and Dock 5.  There is some additional work to do on those, but I’ll take care of it after the Circuit Stop at Canyon Lake.

Power will only be available on Dock 6 until after the new docks are in.  The power cable on pseudo Dock 1 has been damaged and is no longer safe to use.

Fleet 163 survived fairly well, with the exception of Lady Outlaw.  She is the J/24 that appeared several times on WFAA.  The boat is back on the trailer, but has a broken rudder (easy to replace) and needs some repair on the inside lazarettes.

When the lake rises another foot or so, it will probably be time to start removing trash cans, picnic tables, etc. from the lower area in front of the docks.

I would also strongly recommend that Dock 4 slip owners start getting their dock boxes unloaded and removed from the docks.





Images courtesy of Tim Johnson, Harbor Master

Report from incoming Harbor Master, John Lusk

Tim J and I got to club in morning darkness. We made an “executive decision” to get a crane and luckily Davis had one. The crane arrived at 9:30 and left at 3:00. Lifted 10 or 11 boats and got them  to safety with no issue. Thanks to all volunteers, especially Tim Kraft for hooking boats and directing crane efficiently.
National Weather Service says EF1 tornado came through us.


John Lusk asked us to share that the leadership ordered a crane early this morning. As of around 9:30 am, the crane operator and several club members were working together to start pulling boats apart.

Please contact Tim Johnson, John Lusk, or David Patterson with questions.

“El Niño behind storms to come”

Texas could see very heavy rains, with the worst of the weather in eastern Texas and the central Gulf Coast, “but that doesn’t mean there won’t be instances [of severe storms] farther west in the Dallas area,” Noll said. “You’ll have these storms move through and they’ll drag some significant cold fronts with them.

“You’ll see severe weather outbreaks in November and into the winter.”

Northern Texas could see more ice and snow than normal, with cold air pushing as far south as the Rio Grande Valley, Noll said. Places like Corpus Christi can expect lots of gray skies, drizzle and low clouds through the winter months.

If El Niño brings a series of significant rainstorms to the Dallas area, as it did in late spring, officials at the Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Worth said that the lakes and river should be able to handle it.

Denton Record Chronicle, “El Niño behind storms to come”
By Michael E. Young
The Dallas Morning News
Published: 15 November 2015 11:59 PM

Outcomes of the Annual Meeting

Congratulations to our three newest Board of Governors members:

  • Darrin Ditmer
  • Heather Fahle
  • Chris Hoskins

The membership passed the budget with a few modifications.

  • The budget for the mast crane was increased three-fold.
  • The Safety & Security Bundle was voted on line-by-line. Proposals that passed include: repair of unsafe wiring in workshop; replacement of oven; replacement of pool furniture; installation of front gate battery backup. Proposals that failed include: replacement of upstairs carpet; replacement of blinds.
  • The membership approved the purchase of a new tender for the junior sailing program.

The 2016 Flag Officers were introduced:

Commodore: Dick Peters

Vice Commodore: James Hankins

Rear Commodore: Dan Wolf

Treasurer: Chris Osborn

Secretary: Kendra Favors

Fleet Captain: Heather Fahle

Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Jay Hoppenstein

Harbormaster: John Lusk

Annual Award Recipients

William T. Hart Memorial Award: Kelly Holmes-Moon

John Harris Memorial Award:

A Fleet: Ramon Torres

B Fleet: Heather & Bill Fahle

Jim Johnson Memorial Award: Marie S. Nuchols

Arthur P. Nazro Memorial Award: David Patterson & Randall Massey

For more details, check upcoming The Hailer.

FROM THE COMMODORE: Dock Reconstruction Progress and Annual General Meeting

Next week marks the membership Annual General Meeting. It is important that all members come to this meeting to approve the 2016 budgets, elect new Board of Governors members and meet the elected 2016 Flag Officers. It is essential to have a quorum, so please mark your calendars now!

In the meantime, I wanted to give everyone a few updates about the projects we are currently working on before the membership Annual General Meeting.

We are making tremendous progress on the Dock Reconstruction project. The bank loan is in the final stages of closing and we entered into a major purchase agreement for construction of the new docks using our insurance proceeds as an initial payment. If all goes as planned, Docks 1-3 will be installed by mid January, followed by Docks 4 and 5 in May. The team is also working out a transition plan to migrate boats back into their new slips as quickly as possible.

Next week marks the membership Annual General Meeting. It is important that all members come to this meeting to approve the 2016 budgets, elect new Board of Governors members and meet the elected 2016 Flag Officers. It is essential to have a quorum, so please mark your calendars now!

The Board has recommended a 2016 budget that reflects the principles of the financial plan presented at the earlier Special meeting. In addition to meeting our new debt obligations, the financial plan included sufficient flexibility to support ongoing capital projects needed to maintain our club. Therefore a number of projects have been proposed to address some urgent maintenance issues that affect the safety and security of our membership. The proposed CIF Safety & Security project bundle is projected to cost $18,000 and includes the following items:

  • Repair unsafe electrical and wiring issues in the workshop building – $3,000
  • Replace the unsafe and obsolete gas oven in the kitchen – $5,000
  • Replace >10 year old upper level carpet, which is creating tripping hazards – $4,000
  • Replace broken lower level blinds to reduce furniture sun bleaching – $1,000
  • Replace the broken pool lounge chairs, which are causing personal injury – $4,000
  • Install front gate battery backup to enable entry/exit during power failures – $1,000

Additionally, we have observed that our Juniors safety equipment is well below the standard found at other area yacht club junior programs, which puts our juniors at greater risk of personal injury. Therefore it is proposed to purchase a new Juniors Safety Tender boat to support junior instruction and regatta activities. The projected cost of $16,000 will come from existing Juniors Activity Funds, which are booked separately from the other DCYC funds.

Finally, we have also proposed an optional CIF project to replace the remaining pool furniture to match the new loungers, which must be replaced for safety reasons as noted above. This $8,000 project is not related to Safety & Security, but significantly improves the appearance and utility of the pool area, therefore it is presented as an option for the membership to decide if it should be funded.The board has tried to balance our spending as we discussed at the special meeting. We are proposing capital expenditures of 42k this year vs over 120k last year.

2016 is also the 60th anniversary of DCYC! A number of activities are planned to celebrate both the arrive of the new docks and our 60th year, including a subsidized social event to mark this important anniversary. Be sure to come out and be a part of these exciting events!

We look forward to your attendance at this year’s membership Annual General Meeting to learn more about DCYC plans for 2016 and to participate in voting. Be sure to mark you calendar now: November 14 at 10AM. See you there!!!