Per the Harbor Master

Dock 5 is finished, toast, done for, hasta la vista, as in: we need to get it unloaded STAT.

The mud poles are holding it okay at the moment, but more of the welds are broken down through the spine.  We stabilized it some yesterday by removing the front portion and securing it against the seawall. Previously, it was swinging back and forth into boats boats on Dock 4 (mostly mine) and boats on Dock 6.  We also tied anchors to it to help hold it in place, but time is limited.  We need to unload the dock boxes and the 8 boat lifts from the dock, as well as get as many of those boats onto their trailers or put them on mooring balls.

To help with the removal of the boat lifts on Dock 5, we will be out there several times thru the middle of December with a portable generator to provide temporary power, so that the slip owner can get their lifts raised and removed.  We need to try to finish this by December 12th or 19th at the very latest.

We also recovered the gang planks on pseudo Dock 1, and Dock 5.  There is some additional work to do on those, but I’ll take care of it after the Circuit Stop at Canyon Lake.

Power will only be available on Dock 6 until after the new docks are in.  The power cable on pseudo Dock 1 has been damaged and is no longer safe to use.

Fleet 163 survived fairly well, with the exception of Lady Outlaw.  She is the J/24 that appeared several times on WFAA.  The boat is back on the trailer, but has a broken rudder (easy to replace) and needs some repair on the inside lazarettes.

When the lake rises another foot or so, it will probably be time to start removing trash cans, picnic tables, etc. from the lower area in front of the docks.

I would also strongly recommend that Dock 4 slip owners start getting their dock boxes unloaded and removed from the docks.





Images courtesy of Tim Johnson, Harbor Master


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