Summer Series Off to a Fast Start

The summer series is officially underway at DCYC!

We kicked the day off with some grilling, had a nice long race, and wrapped up enjoying the post race sunset. Thank you to everyone who helped with the grilling and setup.

The wind was a litte higher than predicted, and that led to some exciting racing! Dr. Hoppenstein and crew on Cyrano took the honors of the day, followed by Frank and Nino on Blue Monk! Dr. Jay even executed a textbook (wo)man overboard maneuver! Pretty exciting stuff!!

We hope to see everyone out again next weekend for the second installment in the summer series!


DCYC Spring Series Wrap-up

With last Saturday’s race, the 2017 Spring Series at DCYC has come to a successful close.

With the low winds forecast for the day, not everyone was optimistic about the race coming off. We even BRIEFLY discussed cancelling the race, but certain very wise individuals gave counsel to the effect of “if you cancel the race, the winds will come up”, and “if you cancel it, we will be mad”, and in one case, simply “no”, so we ran the race. Although the winds started out low and shifty, the breeze did fill in throughout the day, and as usual, we had a great time out there. With the low wind early on, it was a good opportunity for many of the sailors to catch up on their adult beverage intake.

And so, without further ado, the winners of the Spring Series are:

In the PHRF-A fleet, Matt Harden on “When in Rome”, faithfully crewed throughout the season by Peter Brigatis and Tim Kraft, handily nailed down first place. Dan Wolf on “Scoots” came in second, and David Patterson on “Adios” came in 3rd.

For the PHRF-B fleet, it was a runaway season for Dick Peters on “Yoda.” Dick, along with crew Elizabeth Hawes, Jessica Watts, Chris Osborn, and Stephanie Lightfoot, had what would be referred to in baseball as a “1.000 season.” It was bullets all the way. Jim Ryan with crew Dolores Ryan on Rokon took second place.

It must be mentioned that there were a few skippers and crew who didn’t race on Saturday because they were working. Dave Patterson was one of those skippers, and he was also celebrating his birthday with his family, including his granddaughter. Dagny said that he was supposed to have a work-free day since it was his birthday. I’m not sure what that looks like for Dave, as he was most certainly around the club doing things that looked A LOT like work to me. As usual, our deepest thanks to those of you who are always behind the scenes doing stuff, even when it is your birthday.  Want to read more about Saturday’s work party? I knew you did.

DCYC Spring Series and Beercan Update

We are 2 race days into the spring series and there are some tight races developing. The results stand as such:

In the PHRF-A (fast boat) fleet, Matt Harden and the Viper crew are in solid first with 4 points. We have a close race for second though, with David Patterson on Adios with 9 points, and Dan Wolf on Scoots is breathing down his neck with 10 points.  Dr. Hoppenstein on Cyrano and John Finks on Shotglass are tied for 4th, each having missed a day of racing.

In PHRF-B, Dick Peters on Yoda is dominating. With his all-girl crew, Dick has 4 bullets this season for a total of 4 points. Jim Ryon on Rokon is solidly in second with 9, while Bob Sittel on No Mas has 15 and and yours truly on Shark has 17, both having missed a few.

You can’t win if you don’t race!

The next series race is on Opening Day, and what a great opportunity to show some of these tight races. I’ll be out of town, but watching the results from afar.

The last couple of beercan races have seen some pretty windy conditions, so we haven’t had a huge turnout, but we’ve had some great sails and some beautiful sunsets 🙂IMG_20170419_202354606

From the Fleet Captain, Heather Fahle

From the Fleet Captain, April 2017

It’s finally spring again and things are really heating up on the race course!  Our Winter Series was a big success, with some pretty nice weather dealt to us. We are looking forward to a busy season!

The annual Valentine’s Day Race was a blast with seven “couples” crewing the race boats. Honors for the day went to Tim Kraft and Pauline Chetelet on Noble Savage and David Patterson and Dagny Boaz on Enjoy By II. Awards were towels embroidered with the DCYC burgee and the winners’ names on their towels. If you haven’t checked out the pictures of the day on the blog yet, please do so, as Marie did a beautiful job with the pics, as usual! She got quite a few kissy face pictures as well. Thank you Tonja for once again hosting a great race. We all missed Kelly out there, but I’ll bet that he was proud of you!

The Winter Series wrapped up with a total of nine boats on the line, and competition was fierce in the ranks.  When the dust settled, Matt Harden, Peter Brigatis, and Tim Kraft on When in Rome (known to many of you as simply, “Viper”) took the top spot, with bullets in five of the six races that they competed in. Dick Peters and his all girl crew came in second, and as a reward, and in a successful play to keep them happy, Dick has fitted Yoda with “facilities.” Jim Ryon, with first mate Dolores, edged the Fahles out for third. Next time, Jim Ryon, next time.

We’ve got a full calendar and a lot of fun races coming up this spring! You can find the full list on the DCYC website. In addition to the Spring Series, which starts on March 8, we have a variety of other races planned this year. We’ll several restaurant pursuit races, a couple of long distance races, some fat boat races, and a “Steeplechase Regatta” on Kentucky Derby day. Register and come race with us.

Racing at DCYC is not just about the time on the water. It is also a social experience. After each race, you will find the group hanging out by the grills, discussing the race, telling tales, laughing, and enjoying grilled foods and beer.

If you don’t want to race your own boat, or if you don’t have a sailboat, come aboard and crew. All experience levels are okay, including experience level zero. We always have skippers looking for crew. They’ll be happy to teach you what you need to do, and it’s a great way to learn. We’ll do our best to match you with like-minded racers.

See you on the water!

Final Day of the Fall Racing Series

Today, after an emotional but uneventful annual meeting, the fleet went racing to wrap up the Fall Series. While it is still rough to go out racing without our friend Kelly, it was a beautiful day on the water and the racing was (slow, but) intense!

We got on the water an hour later than we usually would have due to the annual meeting, and the wind was variable and from the east, which meant that a little tactics and a lot of luck would have a hand in determining  today’s race winners.  Frank Heidlberger on race committee had an interesting time setting a square course, with the wind regularly shifting up to 30° every few minutes. Finally, a course was set and the racing began.

The first race was a pretty uneventful four-legged race and although it was tight, Matt Harden and crew on the Viper came in first in both real and corrected time. Dick Peters on Noble Savage was hot on their heels though, with just a 7 second difference in corrected time.

The second race was only two legs (pay attention kids, this will come in to play later in the story), but the wind decided to play fickle with us on this one.  All of the boats made it to the weather mark without a hitch, but that is where it started to fall apart. The wind would, by turn, give some boats a little lift while completely ignoring others. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day to sit and wait on the wind. Finally, at the end of the race, the wind had once again picked up, and it was a tight race between Randall Massey on Shotglass and Dan Wolf on Scoots… until Shotglass rounded the pin (rather than go through the finish line) and Scoots got the horn! First across! By the time Shotglass had unwound and crossed back over the finish line, both Harden on the Viper and Peters on Noble Savage had crossed the line, giving Shotglass a 4th place finish and knocking them out of 1st for the series.

Congratulations to Dick Peters and Noble Savage for winning the fall series and we look forward to seeing you all out on the course for our Winter Series!

(Thanks to Fleet Captain Heather Fahle for this report!)


Race One of the Fall Series

With fair winds and somewhat balmy temperatures (okay, it was hotter than heck out there), the fleet kicked off the fall series yesterday with some beautiful racing. The day also held its share of adventures and misadventures!

With fifteen minutes before the start of the first race, Dan Wolf on Scoots had a spinnaker halyard malfunction. While Dan was discussing the merits of the various ways to race without a spin halyard, Pauline Chetelet talked him into hoisting her up the mast to retrieve the wayward halyard. “Send you up the mast after the halyard? Sure, that would be great”, says Dan, rather unconvincingly, “except that I have no bosun’s chair. Sorry” Nevertheless, crew member Mike Barone quickly devised a harness from sail ties and up she went. While she was aloft, the hail flag was raised and it was time to check in. Scoots headed for the committee boat. “Is it legal to check in with a crew member up the mast?” Apparently, it is; although Scoots didn’t have to test that rule. Pauline, with spin halyard successfully in hand, was back on the deck before check-in.

The first race got off pretty much without a hitch except for a couple of over early starts. The second race was a little more eventful. With two protests at the start, it was shaping up to be a little more exciting. As the winds picked up and the race heated up, Matt Harden and crew on Fang found their wind. Fang was really moving. On the wrong course. Oops. Apparently, they had fun regardless of the DQ.

All told, it was yet another day of successful racing! 

— Heather Fahle, Fleet Captain