Race One of the Fall Series

With fair winds and somewhat balmy temperatures (okay, it was hotter than heck out there), the fleet kicked off the fall series yesterday with some beautiful racing. The day also held its share of adventures and misadventures!

With fifteen minutes before the start of the first race, Dan Wolf on Scoots had a spinnaker halyard malfunction. While Dan was discussing the merits of the various ways to race without a spin halyard, Pauline Chetelet talked him into hoisting her up the mast to retrieve the wayward halyard. “Send you up the mast after the halyard? Sure, that would be great”, says Dan, rather unconvincingly, “except that I have no bosun’s chair. Sorry” Nevertheless, crew member Mike Barone quickly devised a harness from sail ties and up she went. While she was aloft, the hail flag was raised and it was time to check in. Scoots headed for the committee boat. “Is it legal to check in with a crew member up the mast?” Apparently, it is; although Scoots didn’t have to test that rule. Pauline, with spin halyard successfully in hand, was back on the deck before check-in.

The first race got off pretty much without a hitch except for a couple of over early starts. The second race was a little more eventful. With two protests at the start, it was shaping up to be a little more exciting. As the winds picked up and the race heated up, Matt Harden and crew on Fang found their wind. Fang was really moving. On the wrong course. Oops. Apparently, they had fun regardless of the DQ.

All told, it was yet another day of successful racing! 

— Heather Fahle, Fleet Captain


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