Valentine’s Day Race Delay for 29 Degree Temps

Fleet Captains trying to decide whether or not they should proceed with a race in less than ideal conditions often consult with the “Go-No-Go” calculator (like this one at Rush Creek). Plug in a few numbers and the calculator produces a verdict that quantifies the risk. Scores between zero and 59 mean sailing is on. Scores between 60 and 70 fall into the dreaded “Race Committee Discretion” zone. And then scores 71 and above dictate “No Sailing Today.”

At 1 pm, with a temperature of 29 degrees, the calculator spit out a score of 106.

So. No sailing for you today, young lovers. But never fear, for the race will be rescheduled for better conditions. It must be rescheduled because we already have three crystal trophies etched up for the event. So we will compete somehow, sometime, someway for those lovelies, even if it just comes down to the women on the participating teams arm-wrestling for them.

Stay tuned for the rescheduled event.


Valentine's Day No Go


Miss Conduct Takes First at J-Fest!

Huge congratulations to James Freedman and Team Miss Conduct on cleaning up at J-Fest Southwest held at Lakewood Yacht Club this weekend!

We had four terrific teams compete at Lakewood this weekend, including Chris Holmes and Team Bad Moon, Tim Johnson and Team Grey Wolf, and Andrew Theisman and Team Youn’Guns.

Well done, all! DCYC is proud of our J-24 racers!

Thanks to Victoria Hielscher for the pix of Team Bad Moon at J-Fest! Check out the dramatic images of the front moving in. Racing was canceled on Sunday due to weather. Nice captures, Victoria!!


Thanks to Victoria Hielscher for the pix of Team Bad Moon at J-Fest!

If you have pix from the regatta, please send them along! 


J/24 “Texas State Championship” at Austin Yacht Club

DCYC has four of our J/24 teams heading to Austin to compete in the Texas State Championship this weekend. Join us in wishing Team Miss Conduct, Team Bad Moon, Team Gray Wolf, and Team YounGuns good luck and great winds!

The teams are sending us pictures this weekend, so come back here to see what our teams are up to in Austin!

Image courtesy of Peter Brigaitis.

Image courtesy of Angel Shellenberger.

Sunrise at Austin Yacht Club. Image courtesy of Peter Brigaitis.

Image courtesy of Christopher Holmes.

Image courtesy of Christopher Holmes.

Image courtesy of Christopher Holmes.

Image courtesy of Christopher Holmes.

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher.

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher.

A charming little time capsule found in Bad Moon’s first aid kit. 🙂
Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher.

A somewhat more distressing time capsule in Bad Moon’s first aid kit. Oh, dear….
Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher.

Joey Holmes loves racing Bad Moon so much, she bleeds for it. 🙂
Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher.

Sunday morning sunrise. Courtesy of Peter Brigaitis.

Image courtesy of Angel Shellenberger.

Image courtesy of Angel Shellenberger.

Image courtesy of Angel Shellenberger.


Image courtesy of Angel Shellenberger.


Image courtesy of Angel Shellenberger.

J/24 “Texas State Championship” Circuit Stop


Special thanks to Angel Shellenberger of Team Miss Conduct for agreeing to serve as the official photographer for DCYC’s J/24 fleet!

DCYC teams at J/24 Worlds in Toronto

We are proud of our two J/24 teams who traveled to Canada to participate in the J/24 Worlds regatta.

Team Miss Conduct and Team Bad Moon both did the Club and Texas proud. Congratulations to all!

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher

Enter a captionImage courtesy of Victoria Hielscher

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher

Image courtesy of Victoria Hielscher

Top Ranked Laser Radial Youth Sailor in Texas: Lucija Ruzevic

Lucija Ruzevic, daughter of Nino and Lara Ruzevic, just returned from competing in the US Junior Championships for the Smythe Trophy where she secured a 6th place finish among twenty of the most elite laser radial youth sailors in the US. This year, Lucija was the only girl to qualify for the laser radial division. That meant she was going head-to-head with nineteen young men who were all older, bigger, and more experienced than Lucija, and she beat almost three-quarters of them.

Only two youth sailors from each of the eleven districts are eligible to compete in their class at the US Junior Championships, held in Toms River, New Jersey in 2017. To secure her invitation to the US Junior Championships, Lucija had to place in the top two at the highly-competitive Smythe qualifiers held at the Gulf Coast Championships.

IMG_9940 for blog post

Image courtesy of Marie Nuchols

It was only earlier this year that Lucija started racing radials. Lucija has graduated to progressively bigger boats twice in just eighteen months. It was early in 2016 that Lucija moved from Optis to the 4.7 laser fleet. She sailed the 4.7 for less than a year before moving up to the laser radials in April.

The 4.7 was a great fleet for Lucija, too. You will recall that she was the top ranked 4.7 sailor in Texas for the 2016 season, earning her seat at the Race of Champions held at White Rock earlier this year.

Now in the radial class for less than a year, she is the top ranked youth radial sailor in TSA.

Lucija will compete in three final TSA regattas in 2017, including our own Pirates of the Corinthian. As this season winds down, she is maintaining her strength/cardio training that includes two core workouts a day in addition to an hour of swimming.

Professional sailing coach Scott Lindley continues to guide Lucija’s sailing career and considers her a remarkably coachable sailor. “She listens and does what you ask her. And she asks the right questions. She is one of the youngest kids out there (in the laser radial class). She has some things to learn about sailing under pressure, but she is handling pressure more maturely than most kids.” Coach Lindley added that it’s Lucija’s passion for sailing that sets her apart from her competition.


Image courtesy of Laura Burns




US Youth Championships held at Corpus Christi Yacht Club, held in June 25-28, 2017.  Images courtesy of Emily Stoke of Corpus Christi Yacht Club.


Summer Series Off to a Fast Start

The summer series is officially underway at DCYC!

We kicked the day off with some grilling, had a nice long race, and wrapped up enjoying the post race sunset. Thank you to everyone who helped with the grilling and setup.

The wind was a litte higher than predicted, and that led to some exciting racing! Dr. Hoppenstein and crew on Cyrano took the honors of the day, followed by Frank and Nino on Blue Monk! Dr. Jay even executed a textbook (wo)man overboard maneuver! Pretty exciting stuff!!

We hope to see everyone out again next weekend for the second installment in the summer series!

Lucija takes top honors at Chocopalooza!


On June 3-4, Lucija took top honors in Laser Radial at the Chocopalooza Regatta held at Rush Creek Yacht Club, a Bemis Qualifying event. 



Image courtesy of Lara Ruzevic


Lucija’s summer schedule is full to the brim with racing. Check out this crazy schedule:

June 9-11, Lucija is heading to the Laser Gulf Coast Championships in Corpus Christi. Note that this regatta is also the US Sailing Area F qualifier for the Chubb U.S. Junior Championship held in New Jersey.

June 17-18th, she will race at the Rockin’ Rockport Regatta on the Coast. 

June 24-28 will find Lucija at the U.S. Youth Championship at the Corpus Christi Yacht Club. Her dad shared this about the event: “Only 200 youth sailors form across the US got invited (qualified) for this event. Lucija is one of only 14 laser radial girls who qualified (radial fleet: 14 girls and 31 boys)!

July 6-11th, she is competing in the U.S. Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship for the Nancy Leiter Clagett Memorial Trophy at the Houston Yacht Club.

The dates for the Texas Youth Race Week at Lakewood Yacht Club overlap somewhat with the Leiter Cup, but she may also attempt to compete in this event, as well.

And I bet you thought your summer was busy!

Lucija, we are tremendously proud of your hard work and dedication to the sport of sailing.

Go get ’em, Lucija!! SAIL FAST!!



Spring Series Winner + DCYC’s Youngest (and quite possibly most adorable) Member

Congratulations to our Winners from the Spring Series!


PHRF B: Dick Peters and TEAM YODA

We want to especially thank our sponsor, Audacity! Allison and her sister, Phoebe, joined us for the awards ceremony and brought along a couple cases of our favorite brews!

Check out these happy sailors!! IMG_3197-Dick-smIMG_3203-Matt-SMIMG_3204-WBIMG_3210-SMIMG_3211-SM

Joining the party was Rachel, one of our newest and likely our very youngest member! Ari and Amy are Rachel’s proud parents. Be sure to say hi to Rachel and her lovely parents when you see them around the club.


Commodore’s Regatta Report

By James Hankins

The Annual DCYC Heritage Cub 2017 regatta has come and gone. Personally, I believe it was a great success and would like to thank all of those that participated. We had 36 boats on the water and without boats on the water it wouldn’t be much of a regatta, so a big Thank You to all those that traveled—some as far away as Corpus Christi—as well our members here at the club.

Regattas just don’t happen without a lot of planning and help. Thank God for Charles and Janell Hoffman who co-chaired in 2016 and chaired this year (2017) and have been planning and preparing this since last year. What great leadership we had with them at the helm.

It’s a long list but would also like to recognized the following:

Cash Sponsors: Slalom Shop, SVT Tronics, ACR Realty Inc, David & Kristin Lyon, Steve & Sheryl Stout, Charles & Janell Hoffman, John Pearson and Mr. Anonymous.

In-Kind Sponsors: Mariner Sails, Don Q Rum, Norma’s Café, Audacity Beer, Reddy Ice, Texas Body Works, IDLife

Member Volunteers & Non-Members:

David Patterson – Race Management Team Captain / John Lusk – Regatta Logistics Team Captain /  Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon – Registration / Judge Team Captain /  Jessica Hancock – Registration / Accounting/ Phyllis Hankins – Entertainment Team Captain / Rum Happy Hour Chair / Marie Nuchols – Promotions Team Captain /Peter Brigaitis – Fleet Promotions/ Heather Fahle – Sponsor Recruiting / Suzanne Glorioso –  Committee Boat  / Lesley Maynard – Breakfast / housekeeping / Dick Peters – Scoring / Dagny Boaz – Race Equipment / Pauline Chetelat – Breakfast / Pam Hancock – Sunday Lunch, with husband Jim Hancock / Kim Dickey, Justin Adams  FUNDRAISING / Janet Bilhartz, Susan Crittenden, Bob & Susan Maeyama & non-members Alexa Stevens, Jessica Johnston, Juliet Thomas DINNER HELPERS/ Skip Bilhartz, & non-members Mike Smith, James Hamilton, Mark Hoffmann, Ross Glorioso FISH FRYERS / Dan Crittenden, James Cooley, Lynn Harpold VIP BOATS Michele Ditmer, REGISTRATION /Lara Ruzevic T-Shirt Sales: Edna Brown, non-member Judy RuzyckiDave Meek, Tim Johnson  GENERAL HELPERS and a big thank you to Mark Blanchard for all that he did as well

        (And there are countless others that are not listed that volunteered at this regatta)

 If you did not participate, you missed out on a great opportunity to make a lot of friends working shoulder to shoulder. I have personally been involved for the last 7 years and see a lot of the same volunteer’s year after year and it’s time for those not participating to step up and share in this great effort.

See you next Year!


Regatta Report for 2017 Corinthian Heritage Cup Regatta

Regatta Report from the Shore

by Janell Hoffman

Hard to believe that 1 week ago Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club was beginning to set up for the arrival of J/24s, Catalina 22s, and assorted classes for our annual regatta. It was our 61st Heritage Cup and the 12th Annual J/24 Corinthian Cup, otherwise known as the Corinthian Heritage Cup Regatta 2017.

We had 35 boats registered in 6 classes.

But while everyone was preparing for the excitement on the water, many hands went in to make sure that the onshore preparations were adequate to entertain more than 200 people for the weekend. The tent was set up, port-o-potty in place, and truck full of ice, donated by Reddy Ice Pilot Point, was on site and ready. On Friday evening, Sloppy Jos were served to any and all who came hungry. Also, Peter Brigaitis prepared a feast for the J/24 personnel. That’s why the sailors like to come to DCYC. We go the extra distance!

Saturday and Sunday mornings, coffee and a continental breakfast was out and ready at 7am. Thanks to Jessica Hancock and Dick Peters for running registration all weekend. Thanks to Leslie Maynard, Nassif Kaldawi, April Harpold, Lara Ruzevic, and Pauline Chelat. Following breakfast, sailors were invited to pick up their lunches. Thanks to Subway in Aubrey for providing the sandwiches at a reduced cost.

John Pherson and Lindsey Pherson served as our official regatta photographers all weekend. You can find almost 900 of their images here (the password is 2017). Thank you, John and Lindsey!

After the races, the sailors came ashore, grabbed a cup and drew a beer from the tap. The beer for the weekend was donated by Denton’s own Audacity Brew House. Next came The ever popular Happy Hour, starring the DCYC Rumminator prepared by Phyllis Hankins and her team. The rum was donated by Don Q. The servers were able to raise about $300 in tips (to encourage them to open early which were donated to the Youth Program.

As Happy Hour was winding down, Charlie Hoffman led a team of expert fish fryers, organized by Ross Glorioso, to fry up about 100 lbs of Louisiana channel catfish. That was accompanied by potato salad, coleslaw, hush puppies and cobbler, all of which was donated to the regatta by Norma’s Café in Frisco. Of course, it was expertly served up by the Fox Hollow Farm Hands, including members Janet Bilhartz and Susan Crittenden.

During dinner, the DJ Manny geared up his equipment and played music during and after dinner. As the evening wound down, people were sailing and camping out. Steve Utz pulled out some Chinese lanterns and they floated out in the darkness over the water, while the music played on. A great end to a great day of racing.

Sunday morning, bad weather threatened and races were delayed, but the storm passed and the races went on. As the races ended, sailors began loading up their boats and heading in for some lunch. Pam and Jim Hancock grilled up some delicious burgers. They were so delicious that we had to pull out some extra ones to meet the demand.

After lunch, the awards were given and the winning raffle ticket for the Quest 13 Kayak, graciously donated by Mariner Sails, was announced. After selling over $1,800 in raffle tickets, the winner was  Graham Marshall, one of the J/24 racers.

By 5pm, the club was pretty much cleaned up, sailors were gone and the regatta was all but a memory, and a good one at that. We had good weather, good races and we are pretty sure that we will have a good amount to donate to our Youth Sailing Program when everything settles out.

We would be remiss to not mention Marie Nuchols and her amazing gift for promotion. From the minute she said yes to heading up the promotional piece of the regatta, she tirelessly worked to encourage the leadership team and members to take part in this important event.

And a special word of thanks to our Commodore, James Hankins, for having confidence in us and in his club. He was supportive at every turn. Because of his due diligence, we were able to collect many cash and in kind donations from members and businesses and even the docks.

We are so grateful to all who helped make this regatta a success. DCYC is a definitely a member-driven club.

2017 J/24 U.S. North American Championship

Five teams from DCYC will be competing in the 2017 J/24 U.S. North American Championship starting tomorrow. Skippers and their crews started arriving in Houston on Wednesday and Thursday. At least some of the teams ended today with a practice sail (image below).

Good luck to James Freedman and Team Miss Conduct, Christopher Holmes and Team Bad Moon, Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon and Team Siren, Tim Johnson and Team Gray Wolf, and Andrew Theisman and Team Youn’Guns.

Sail fast, y’all!


UPDATE: Miss Conduct had a great performance on the water! James and Team Miss Conduct even beat Will Welles in a race! Way to go, TEAM MISS CONDUCT!!!


DCYC teams finishing their evening practice after rigging and the skippers’ meeting.

Photographer unknown.


Here’s Team Miss Conduct, Team Siren, and Team BadMoon on the water.

DCYC Spring Series Wrap-up

With last Saturday’s race, the 2017 Spring Series at DCYC has come to a successful close.

With the low winds forecast for the day, not everyone was optimistic about the race coming off. We even BRIEFLY discussed cancelling the race, but certain very wise individuals gave counsel to the effect of “if you cancel the race, the winds will come up”, and “if you cancel it, we will be mad”, and in one case, simply “no”, so we ran the race. Although the winds started out low and shifty, the breeze did fill in throughout the day, and as usual, we had a great time out there. With the low wind early on, it was a good opportunity for many of the sailors to catch up on their adult beverage intake.

And so, without further ado, the winners of the Spring Series are:

In the PHRF-A fleet, Matt Harden on “When in Rome”, faithfully crewed throughout the season by Peter Brigatis and Tim Kraft, handily nailed down first place. Dan Wolf on “Scoots” came in second, and David Patterson on “Adios” came in 3rd.

For the PHRF-B fleet, it was a runaway season for Dick Peters on “Yoda.” Dick, along with crew Elizabeth Hawes, Jessica Watts, Chris Osborn, and Stephanie Lightfoot, had what would be referred to in baseball as a “1.000 season.” It was bullets all the way. Jim Ryan with crew Dolores Ryan on Rokon took second place.

It must be mentioned that there were a few skippers and crew who didn’t race on Saturday because they were working. Dave Patterson was one of those skippers, and he was also celebrating his birthday with his family, including his granddaughter. Dagny said that he was supposed to have a work-free day since it was his birthday. I’m not sure what that looks like for Dave, as he was most certainly around the club doing things that looked A LOT like work to me. As usual, our deepest thanks to those of you who are always behind the scenes doing stuff, even when it is your birthday.  Want to read more about Saturday’s work party? I knew you did.

DCYC Spring Series and Beercan Update

We are 2 race days into the spring series and there are some tight races developing. The results stand as such:

In the PHRF-A (fast boat) fleet, Matt Harden and the Viper crew are in solid first with 4 points. We have a close race for second though, with David Patterson on Adios with 9 points, and Dan Wolf on Scoots is breathing down his neck with 10 points.  Dr. Hoppenstein on Cyrano and John Finks on Shotglass are tied for 4th, each having missed a day of racing.

In PHRF-B, Dick Peters on Yoda is dominating. With his all-girl crew, Dick has 4 bullets this season for a total of 4 points. Jim Ryon on Rokon is solidly in second with 9, while Bob Sittel on No Mas has 15 and and yours truly on Shark has 17, both having missed a few.

You can’t win if you don’t race!

The next series race is on Opening Day, and what a great opportunity to show some of these tight races. I’ll be out of town, but watching the results from afar.

The last couple of beercan races have seen some pretty windy conditions, so we haven’t had a huge turnout, but we’ve had some great sails and some beautiful sunsets 🙂IMG_20170419_202354606

Congrats to TEAM MISS CONDUCT!!!

James Freedman and Team Miss Conduct made a strong showing with a very close 2nd Place Win at Cowtown this weekend! We are so very proud of you all. 😀

  1. Reports indicate a pretty rough first day on the water for everyone. Frank Heidlberger and James Curry were helping with RC and report they had to bring someone in from the course for hypothermia. David Patterson, Randall MasseyHeather and Bill Fahle, Bob Johnson, Jerry Neeley, John FinksMike Smith and Charlie Hoffman also spent their weekend on Race Committee. Huge thanks, everyone. We hope you had your foulies with you on Saturday!

Kudos also go out to our other J/24 racers who braved the cold water on Saturday: Christopher Homes with Team Bad Moon, Andrew Theisman with Team Youn’Guns, and Tim Johnson with Team Grey Wolf.

Way to demonstrate the Corinthian ethic, everybody!

Do you have pictures or stories from this weekend? Send them to us to share!

From the Fleet Captain, Heather Fahle

From the Fleet Captain, April 2017

It’s finally spring again and things are really heating up on the race course!  Our Winter Series was a big success, with some pretty nice weather dealt to us. We are looking forward to a busy season!

The annual Valentine’s Day Race was a blast with seven “couples” crewing the race boats. Honors for the day went to Tim Kraft and Pauline Chetelet on Noble Savage and David Patterson and Dagny Boaz on Enjoy By II. Awards were towels embroidered with the DCYC burgee and the winners’ names on their towels. If you haven’t checked out the pictures of the day on the blog yet, please do so, as Marie did a beautiful job with the pics, as usual! She got quite a few kissy face pictures as well. Thank you Tonja for once again hosting a great race. We all missed Kelly out there, but I’ll bet that he was proud of you!

The Winter Series wrapped up with a total of nine boats on the line, and competition was fierce in the ranks.  When the dust settled, Matt Harden, Peter Brigatis, and Tim Kraft on When in Rome (known to many of you as simply, “Viper”) took the top spot, with bullets in five of the six races that they competed in. Dick Peters and his all girl crew came in second, and as a reward, and in a successful play to keep them happy, Dick has fitted Yoda with “facilities.” Jim Ryon, with first mate Dolores, edged the Fahles out for third. Next time, Jim Ryon, next time.

We’ve got a full calendar and a lot of fun races coming up this spring! You can find the full list on the DCYC website. In addition to the Spring Series, which starts on March 8, we have a variety of other races planned this year. We’ll several restaurant pursuit races, a couple of long distance races, some fat boat races, and a “Steeplechase Regatta” on Kentucky Derby day. Register and come race with us.

Racing at DCYC is not just about the time on the water. It is also a social experience. After each race, you will find the group hanging out by the grills, discussing the race, telling tales, laughing, and enjoying grilled foods and beer.

If you don’t want to race your own boat, or if you don’t have a sailboat, come aboard and crew. All experience levels are okay, including experience level zero. We always have skippers looking for crew. They’ll be happy to teach you what you need to do, and it’s a great way to learn. We’ll do our best to match you with like-minded racers.

See you on the water!

First Circuit Stop for the J/24s in Kemah

We have multiple teams representing the Club in Kemah at the first Circuit Stop this weekend, including Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon with Team Siren, Christopher Holmes with Team BadMoon, Tim Johnson with Team Gray Wolf, James Freeman with Team Misconduct, and Andrew Theisman with Team YounGuns. (If I have missed your team, let me know!)

Good luck, everyone! SAIL FAST!

RESULTS (Congratulations to James Freedman and Team Misconduct on their 4th Place finish in a very competitive fleet!)

(And send your pictures to share!)

Darla in Houston March 2017 02

I adore this image provided courtesy of Darla Hogberg

Images courtesy of Darla Hogberg

Images courtesy of Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon

Images courtesy of Peter Brigaitis



Europa Cup, Bacardi Race Week, and Winter Series #5

EUROPA CUP, SLOVENIA:  Day 1 of racing was canceled due to high winds.

BACARDI RACE WEEK, MIAMI: Day 1 of racing was canceled due to no wind.

WINTER SERIES #5, OAK POINT: Perfect winds, and a great day to be out on the water!

It’s always great to hit the road, but as we say, there’s no place like home.

It does sound like our on-the-road racers are having a great time, even if the winds are not completely cooperating. Lucija raced in two regattas leading up to the Europa Cup. She did quite well in both, landing second place finishes for girls in her age group among a very competitive group. Nino tells me the races are longer than our TSA races, lasting an hour. They were also squeezing six races in a day at the regattas. So Lucija was hiking around six hours on race days. How long can you hike?

[The Europa Cup is still in progress; check back here for updates.]

In Miami, the first of two regattas was a mast-breaking event. Racing was canceled on Day 1 and some of those who dared go out on Day 2 did so at their peril. Our Viper Team opted out and felt pretty validated about that decision when two competitors came in with downed masts. The Bacardi Cup regatta started Thursday and is wrapping on up Saturday. Check back here for results.

 A few pictures from Lucija’s Sojourn in Europe