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2:30 PM, February 23 



Time to clear Dock 4


All boats have been moved off of Dock 4, to prepare for the removal and demolition before March.

1)  If you own a slip on Docks 1, 2 or 3—your boat is in its new home or is still on a mooring buoy. If not, contact the Harbormaster by email.

2)  If you own a slip on Docks 4 or 5—your boat is likely on Docks 1-3 in other slips or still on a mooring buoy.

All boat owners—please check your boat and make sure it is secured in place.

3)  What remains on Dock 4 is dock boxes, hoists, extension cords, chains for dock lines, etc.  These need to be removed immediately, as the destruction of dock 4 is ongoing.

4)  Dock lines—the club purchased 3 strand nylon line in bulk, for dock lines to help with the move.  The Harbormaster will be taking a “census” of the dock lines in a few weeks.  If your boat is “home” in the final slip location and you continue to use these lines, there will be a one-time charge to members of $35 to recover the actual cost of the line (approx 100 ft of line per boat). Boats in temporary homes are not involved at this time.   Feel free to “buy” the line this way or replace it with your own dock lines.  Returned club dock lines can be coiled and left for the Harbormaster at a common location.

Thank you,
John Lusk
DCYC Harbor Master


Docks 1, 2 and 3 are now in place. Boats are moving in……

All three docks are now in place and they look and feel great, based on many member comments.

There are slight adjustments in the slip assignments, due to dock design and to clean up of the numbering system.

Check your new slip number here, at the Members Only page (login required).


You may now move into your new slip, if you have a slip on the first three.  Either use your own dock lines or prepare to pay the no-profit cost of our club-purchased lines. Cost of these 1/2″ 3 strand nylon lines are $0.35/ft ($0.42/ft for new 5/8″ rope).  Dock savvy folks will realize that this is cheaper than pre-made commercial dock lines. Important note — the connections are lines only.  There are no chains, shackles, chafe gear or other improvements.  While sturdy, these lines should be considered temporary. Please check on and improve your boat soon.

If your boat has been slipped on Dock 4 or Dock 5, it may be moved to unused slips on Docks 1-3 at any time.  This is to enable the demolition of the old docks.

There are exceptions for boats normally docked on the south side of Dock 1.  Contact the Harbormaster if there are questions.

Docks 4 and 5 will be installed in April.