Outcomes of the Annual Meeting

Congratulations to our three newest Board of Governors members:

  • Darrin Ditmer
  • Heather Fahle
  • Chris Hoskins

The membership passed the budget with a few modifications.

  • The budget for the mast crane was increased three-fold.
  • The Safety & Security Bundle was voted on line-by-line. Proposals that passed include: repair of unsafe wiring in workshop; replacement of oven; replacement of pool furniture; installation of front gate battery backup. Proposals that failed include: replacement of upstairs carpet; replacement of blinds.
  • The membership approved the purchase of a new tender for the junior sailing program.

The 2016 Flag Officers were introduced:

Commodore: Dick Peters

Vice Commodore: James Hankins

Rear Commodore: Dan Wolf

Treasurer: Chris Osborn

Secretary: Kendra Favors

Fleet Captain: Heather Fahle

Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Jay Hoppenstein

Harbormaster: John Lusk

Annual Award Recipients

William T. Hart Memorial Award: Kelly Holmes-Moon

John Harris Memorial Award:

A Fleet: Ramon Torres

B Fleet: Heather & Bill Fahle

Jim Johnson Memorial Award: Marie S. Nuchols

Arthur P. Nazro Memorial Award: David Patterson & Randall Massey

For more details, check upcoming The Hailer.


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