To the DCYC Membership:

As you know, our club now faces a difficult recovery, but a manageable recovery. You should be aware that your leadership team and several dedicated members are doing everything possible to address the harbor issues we now face. Here’s where we currently stand:

1.         Our insurance adjuster is flying in from California this weekend to assess the damages.

2.         With the help of Randall Massey and Chance Beck, we have hired a dive team to reinforce our break water. 

3.         With Tim Johnson’s direction and with help from numerous members, work is underway to reinforce Docks 3 and 4.

4.         Dagny Boaz and Lisa Wilder are reaching out to dock owners on Docks 1, 2 and 3 to offer options on dealing with the misplaced boats. 

5.         Keep in mind the Board and many other members are meeting daily to actively address issues as they arise.

6.         We have started investigating companies to rebuild the docks.

Most importantly, we need to work together and weather the storm.The process is going to be long, but the wheels are turning on all fronts.

Thank you for your patience. Commodore Leland Morris & the Board of Governors



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