The ferry will be open the following hours to take members to their boats or docks. 

Please call Lisa Wilder if you have any questions. (314) 825-0825

If possible we  would like have longer hours this holiday weekend.  Below are dates and times we could use ferry volunteers
Sunday, July 5:   9-noon, 5-8 PM

Thanks to the folks who quickly stepped up to volunteer.  Below are the days and hours I have volunteers/staff running people to their boats/docks

Tuesday, June 30:      5—8 PM

Wednesday, July 1:    5—8 PM

Thursday, July 2:       5—8 PM

Friday, July 3:           9 AM — 8 PM

Saturday, July 4:     9:30 AM — 8 PM

Sunday, July 5:       12—5 PM

Monday, July 6:         5—8 PM

Use the radio near the outdoor kitchen to call the ferry captain on duty (channel 69).



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