I have been asked many questions over the past couple of weeks. I will fill everyone in. Maybe it will answer some of the same concerns  you have.

I will be general when talking about the construction of the docks. I will defer to Tim Johnson; he and the dock committee know much more about that than I do.

First of all, things are becoming clearer by the day. We should be able to have a board mtg next week to formalize a plan to bring to membership.

Questions I have been asked:

  1. Why don’t we just take the insurance money and replace 1-3 repairing 4 and 5?

First, we got the maximum amount our policy provides for the docks, 502,237.00. The cost to rebuild 1-3 is over 650k.This does not include electric or water. This will run at least another 25k. In the opinion of the docks guys 4 and 5 are not repairable.

2.   Are my dues going up?

Again, the BOG has not approved any increase. I would think a modest $15.00-20.00 per month increase will be proposed.

3.   Did we have insurance for things other than the dock?

Yes, we had insurance on all the boats, crane and 100K in debris removal. As I have posted in the past, we have been paid back for crane rental, bolts, line, chain, dumpsters, labor (including volunteer hours) and misc. other expenses. We still have around 60K that we will collect on this part of the policy.

4.   Will I have the same slip as before?

Let me address a few dock items. As I said the more technical parts I will leave to Tim.

  • Overall the docks will be the same. We have allotted for a few extra slips that the club will own. We have talked about renting those out. With the new layout it will bring us to the maximum number of slips allowed by the Corps.
  • Should we sign a contract mid-September, it will be about 8-10 weeks before we have docks.
  • As for the anchoring, warranty, material and general harbor questions, Tim will address those.
  • One other thing I will add: Patterson, Beck, Kraft, Meek and Johnson have spent hours discussing, drawing, thinking and questioning each other. I have been at the meetings. They have tried to think of every possible situation. They have bounced hundreds of ideas around. We are in very good hands.

Going forward, we have a big decision to make: Replace all 5 docks? We can certainly do that. We have been approved by the bank. We can get the money and spread it out without impacting the membership dues hardly at all. We can somehow borrow enough money to replace 1-3 and somehow fix and band-aid 4 and 5. Regardless of what we do, borrowing some money will be necessary. The good news is that we will have a vote and the membership will decide.

Remember we are shooting for 9-12 general membership mtg….



  1. Thanks! You guys have done a great job, and I appreciate you sharing this preliminary information. I realize this is a general idea of where we are at, things can change, etc. As for me, it’s all I was looking for. We’ll be at the meeting for sure.

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