Here is how we stand as of today…  As most of you know we have settled  with the insurance company. They have agreed to pay the maximum amount of our policy. We hired a clean up crew to dispose of the steel part of the old docks that were on the shore. We still have a ton to remove and dispose of, but things are improving.

  • We now have access to Docks 4, 5 and 6 from the shore.
  • The jib crane is being serviced next.

I will keep you updated on the progress.

As for the dock rebuild:  The dock committee has narrowed down the process to two companies. We have sent in detailed plan  with a similar layout to what we had. The condition of Docks 4 and 5 has made us have to get prices to replace those also. We want to make sure that we cover all the bases.
Please keep 9-12-15 open for a special membership meeting. We are shooting for that date to present the plan the board has approved.
In the meantime, we are setting up a forum on the web page to ask the dock committee questions in advance. Tim Johnson has agreed to monitor that section and address questions and comments from you. The dock committee has thought of hundreds of problems and concerns over this process. I continue to think we are in great hands with these guys.
As you know, you may contact me anytime to voice your concerns…
Leland Morris


  1. Hi, Bill Fahle here. I think it would be useful to post the plans that were submitted somewhere where members can see them, or somewhere up at the club, or whatever, before the general meeting. I know the dock committee is highly competent people, but so are most members, and I’m sure we can help make sure nothing obvious was overlooked. If the plan is perfect, no one could complain. If it’s not, shouldn’t we know it before we meet?

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  2. I agree, we are working on a list of questions and answers that have been ask. Hope to have those posted soon. As for the dock plans, they are just rough drafts. The intent is to provide enough info well before the membership mtg. thanks

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