Just wanted to update everyone on the dock rebuild…  

We have 2 proposals and expect a 3rd maybe today. The dock committee has a meeting set up to discuss the proposals and our options. It is moving a little slower than we thought, but not too bad. We have been in contact with our insurance company this week. After the dock committee reviews the dock proposals, we will send our summary to the insurance company. Hopefully we will have the insurance sign off by next week on the amount we will be provided to start the rebuild. Just wanted everyone to know we have a lot of moving parts. Things are progressing, even though you may not see it. 

I am  not quite to the point to set up a membership meeting yet. I would expect it to be somewhere around the middle of August. We will give as much notice as we can. We just need  to have all the info to present. Things are becoming a little clearer day by day.   

Remember, if you have anything for me, you can email or call me.  




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