Four DCYC J/24 Teams Headed for the HOOD

After what seemed an extremely long break in the Texas Circuit action, the racing returns with our 5th stop in the Texas Circuit: 2016 HYC HOUSTON OPEN ONE-DESIGN (HOOD).
Representing Fleet 163 are:

  • James Freedman on Miss Conduct, bow # 01, in 2nd overall and 6 points out of 1st,
  • Kelly Holmes-Moon on Bad Moon, bow # 03, in 3rd and 5 points behind Freedman,
  • Tim Johnson on Gray Wolf, bow # 60, in 5th and 16 points behind Holmes-Moon, and
  • Peter Brigaitis on Navy Blue Faded Lady, bow # 94.

This is a debut appearance for 2016 by Navy Blue Faded Lady, as she has been out of commission since May of 2014.  She is affectionately referred to by the rest of the fleet as the “Nuclear Meltdown” and it is great to see her return.

Go Fleet 163 – Beat 21.

Thanks to Tim Johnson, Fleet Captain for Fleet 163, for the update!


GRAYWOLF, READY TO RACE  |  Courtesy of Tim Johnson



BADMOON, HOOD-BOUND  |  Courtesy of Tonja Holmes-Moon


NAVY BLUE FADED LADY, SOUTH BOUND  |  Photo courtesy of Pete Brigaitis



MISS CONDUCT, ON THE ROAD  |  Courtesy of James Freedman





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