“Well phooey. Lake came up another foot last night. Crews are working hard at this moment to get the remaining equipment and boats up past the 537′ line. Here’s my updated analysis: The picture below shows the 536′ line and the water is nearly to it. I think it will come up another foot and either get close to the 1990 record of 536.65′ or set a new record. Lake Ray Roberts is at record depth and rising fast due to 3″ of rain up north (foot and a half since last night). It will soon be pouring over the emergency spillway up there (currently, the water has made it about 100 yards down the path up there) and dumping roughly 80,000 CFS into Lewisville Lake. Heavy rain is in the forecast and deemed probable. I think we’re looking at record flooding this year (hope I’m wrong). Also, we were unable to retrieve about 6 trailers from the bone yard, they are under water now, with two more trailers about to go a foot or so into the water.”


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